First ever PvE and Halloween themed Loot Boxes coming to Overwatch today

Halloween themed loot boxes are coming to Overwatch today.

As part of the latest seasonal event, this time for Halloween, Overwatch has been updated and all Loot Boxes have been replaced with special Jack-O’-Lanterns.

Any Loot Boxes purchased from now until the conclusion of the event will grant players at least one item from the Halloween 2016 collection, which includes over 100 new sprays, icons, emotes, poses, skins and more.

To celebrate Halloween in style, Overwatch’s first ever PvE event will take place. Dubbed “Junkenstein’s Revenge”, the event will allow players to team up with up to three others and take part in a horde mode against waves of the undead. Enemies include Dr. Junkenstein himsel and Junkenstein’s Monster Reaper.


“Junkenstein’s Revenge” tells that tale of Dr. Jamison Junkenstein who desired to create artificial life. The Lords of Aldersbrunn mocked Junkenstein and dismissed him from their service. Upon the successful completion of his experiments, Junkenstein has vowed revenge.


Players can choose from Ana (the Alchemist), Hanzo (the Archer), McCree (the Gunslinger) or the Soldier (Soldier 76) as they defend Adlersbrunn Castle from the monsters of Junkenstein.

Overwatch’s Haloween Terror is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.overwatch-4k-0

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