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This week in Destiny

This week in Destiny

It’s a big week in Destiny Guardians with The Iron Banner beginning in just a couple of days.

Trials of Osiris was held over the past weekend and will continue until reset at 7pm AEDT this Tuesday; October 4. On the following day, the Iron Banner will begin with some great loot to be won, as seen in the gallery above.

Additionally, Bungie released update last week which was intended to correct some issues with Ghosts and Artifacts not dropping as often or at a high enough light level as required. Senior Designer, Victoria Dollbaum said, “We’re looking into the way Destiny: Rise of Iron rewards the completion of activities with items that will increase your Light. Currently, our opinion is that Ghosts and Artifacts are dropping less frequently than intended, making it difficult for players to reach higher Light after 365. In the weeks to come, we’ll be investigating a solution that provides alternate max Light sources for these two slots. Additionally, when the Heroic Raid is released, many Activities and all Engrams will increase their maximum Light, making it easier overall to progress.”

Destiny is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The most recent expansion, “Rise of Iron” is available on current-gen only.