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Square Enix is on the GO again, this time focusing on the highly popular series, Deus Ex. This is the third game of its kind designed to bring larger, AAA rated Square Enix titles into the buzzing world of handheld devices.

Much like the rebooted main series, Deus Ex GO follows Human Revolution and Mankind Divided’s Adam Jensen as he navigates various levels whilst taking out and/or avoiding foes. The use of weapons and other components in Deus Ex GO is similar to both Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO with the application of Jensen’s assorted augmentations provided at key locations and within specific puzzles. Be careful though, the effects are limited and position is key; some puzzles aren’t as easy as they first appear.


Unlike the previous GO titles, Deus Ex GO follows an actual narrative accompanied by spoken character interaction, an end goal, and a decent difficulty curve to keep you on the ball. There’s also a neat little bonus for Square Enix account holders who also play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Xbox One and PC. By completing several challenges, players will earn you up to five Praxis Kits for use in-game. Weekly puzzles are also playable within the app.

The look and feel of Deus Ex GO really reflects the persona of the series, from the palette and shading through to characterisation. It’s easy to see the relationship between the various GO games with both their similarities, as well as what makes them uniquely stand out alongside their larger franchised titles.


As far as mobile titles go, this is a great little offshoot and an excellent brain stretcher. I recommend it being worth the $7.99 AUD price of admission; which is, let’s face it, about what you’d pay for a couple of coffees.

Deus Ex GO was reviewed using a promotion code as provided by the publisher.



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