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  1. Sorry, but everything about this game is lame. It has no purpose, no principle and no integrity. It solely exists to be a reflection of current trends. Beyond that, its just a stupid game. A rig that turns into a robotic dog and flys around the map? Yeah, real futuristic. This game looks cartoony. The decision-making (like the robotic dog) is childish. Did they ask a 5 year old for advice? If anyone can defend or like this game, then there will never be a time when that person dislikes a COD game. This is not to COD-bash. I want to like COD. But Infinite Warfare is a total embarrassment. Its a total jigsaw (mw3 sounds, aw visuals, bo3 movement, ghost engine). Infinity Ward was dismantled after Modern Warfare 2. The new team used what they could do make MW3, which was underwhelming but okay. But after Ghost and now IW, we are beginning to see the fraudulence of Infinity Ward. If you had a favorite band that broke up and the record label replaced everyone with random people and kept the same band name, would they be the same? No. Don’t support this game.

  2. Problem still is that often new release games are cheaper at bricks and mortar than online. Granted this is rarely the case at an EB, but until AAA titles are always $69-$79 on ps store or xbox live at release, i often find it hard to justify the extra 20 to 30 bucks when i could go down the road to get it when i need to get bread, or some other mundane daily choore

  3. Oh man I hoped to play the game in 3 month and now I’ll have to wait even longer. A bit disappointing but I think it’s better that they will polish the game and we won’t have to install any patches right after installing the game

  4. I think the discussions around the characters in Watch Dogs 2 should be much more critical.

    Yes the San Francisco DedSec chapter does give the game a bit more life, but I would argue that it has more to do with the tone of the game than the characters themselves. Which manages to mimick Grand Theft Auto almost to a T. Perhaps staying a slight more serious.

    First off the characters are all quite bland. Especially Marcus. While Aiden was brooding and boring Marcus is bland and boring. He has no personality. He gets no backstory and his rise to “leader” in a sense, seems to be highly unlikely. In the fact that he has no reason to even be there in the first place. Well at least no reason that gets explored in any way.

    This to me comes to the forefront in how they deal with the only main characters death.

    We are in spoiler territory here I guess, but I will try to stay non descript.

    It felt extremely rushed. The character they killed got no character building beforehand and is the least featured character of the group. The emotional impact that it is supposed to convey is utterly removed because of the randomness of how it happens, it is not really related to the story at all, and it gets forgotten almost instantly after.

    Ubisoft did good in creating a more entertaining game for sure, but we should be careful of giving them praise when it comes to their character work, because although Aiden was terrible. This blandness is perhaps worse. More entertaining yes, but worse non the less.

  5. My biggest concern is the support of third party games.

    If the Switch is indeed less powerful than a PS4 or XBO, will this influence the support of third party games?
    Remember the WiiU? Before launch, many companies claimed it to be great and they would bring games to it and … well, they didn’t.

    I think the biggest factor is going to be consumer install base but we’ll see.

    • WiiU failed because of horrendous marketing. Even to this day, I mention WiiU to even gamers, and they question me talking about the ‘Wii’..
      If Nintendo got the message accross and had more of the bigger titles hitting a tad sooner, it coulda done a lot better.

      Switch looks set to break the software drought cycle and I’m positive Nintendo will get the message clear about its product this time

  6. I actually really enjoyed Resident Evil 5 in terms of the storyline, and the Lost in Nightmares DLC was a great addition. It had tons of replay value, and I went back to playing it recently after many years starting fresh and it is actually quite scary in a different way when you don’t have the good weapons to start with. If you or anyone are going to put any type of blame on the RE series turning action, Resident Evil 4 is to blame for that which is one of my least favourite entries in the series because it did not have much to do with the storyline and that’s what I really like about the series. The captivating storyline and the arc of each primary character. This is coming from a fan who started off with the original games as well.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the Resident Evil 7 review! 😉 🙂

    • I really love Resident Evil 4, but it undoubtedly started the series on the action path.
      I too like 5 but it was really the last decent one.

      The less said about 6 the better.

      Thanks for reading!

      Check back for our full review next week!

  7. It’s nice to see an article that is taking a positive approach to Nintendo’s new console. Instead of tearing them down for everything that the switch isn’t, how about appreciating what it is and the potential for what it can be? I own both an Xbox One and a PS4 and with those two systems as great as they are, there’s not many different ways to play. it’s all very traditional so to speak; And I always look forward to Nintendo’s new consoles because they always put a different spin on things even though the concept is much simpler this time, being the Home console / portable console, that works for me. Ditto for the games I’ve seen coming such as octopath Traveler and Fire Emblem Warriors. Mario looks great and I’m up for some more Splatoon and Mario Kart. If you don’t like it, that’s fine if it’s not for you, but let the people who are looking forward to it enjoy it and don’t ruin their fun. Games are games no matter what console they’re on, and everybody will have their preferences but things are much better when you just enjoy gaming as a whole and appreciate what each of these companies brings to the table. I enjoy my gaming sessions with a bit of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony up in the mix. I can’t see my gaming life without any of them.

  8. very few console gamers were streaming it maybe 1 or 2 on each consloe and pc gamers were being paid which is a huge red flag to me.every one liked the 4v4 mode which is dota or league this is ubisofts take on esports.

    dispite the slow and sluggish i got bored just watching it for a few hours on twitch.there is no way ium buying it i dont like esports.

    my advice is to avoid it its not worth 60 for an online only esport.

  9. I played the beta on PC (got invite from Ubisoft – thanks!). I can agree on the feelings of love and hate shifting in the rhythm of winning and loosing a duel. But even after loosing, when I cooled down my feelings went back to “I like it!” because it’s simplified Soul Blade/Calibur for PC and that fact alone is great. You can block, You can parry, timing is essential just like a proper fighting game should be. Characters available differ much from one another, which is great too.
    Thing of note is, I feared ping would harm such a game a lot (like Tekken 6 for example where reacting to an enemy move was near impossible due to high ping) but the problem barely happened (once or twice I was matched with someone with RED connection icon and then he/she was reappearing in various spots all over the battlefield – nearly unplayable).
    I would LOVE to play this game on regular basis to practice and be as good as I could possibly become, but sadly I think I might not have enough time to master this game. Plus the price is not very encouraging too. 40-50 euros would be more suitable. Anyways, I haven’t decided yet whether to buy the game or not, but I certainly enjoyed the beta!

  10. Not a bad little intro guide into some of the classes but you might want to do a little quality control before you post your articles. First, the Kensi blurb has a pic of an Orochi. Then your conquerer description says he has a sword and repeats it in the warlord description. The assassin description doesn’t have a pic, unlike every other one. Finally, your description of the Orochi oddly mentions that they don’t carry a shield unlike the other assassins. None of the other assassins carry shields, though they do dual wield. Anyway, like I said, nice little intro guide, but maybe run it by an editor or something before slapping it up there.

  11. ” If both the protagonists and antagonists are white, Far Cry 5 will not only be a bit offensive, it’ll be boring.” So, the only kind of violence you don’t find offensive and boring is interracial violence? Damn dude, maybe you shouldn’t focus on race so much.

    • If a game was made called “White Fight” in which wealthy white men and women beat the shit out of each other in exotic locations was made it’d sell like the hottest cakes!

      I’d pay good money to watch Bill Gates throw a Rothschild out a 120 ft high window as a “finishing” move while X Gonna give it to ya played on the sound track.
      Round two, ready, fight!

  12. This game will fail. No one enjoys bullshit representation. No self respecting person will play a game that ridicules them. White, Black, whatever. I feel sorry for weak ass White people who are cool with this. Lost your identity have you?

  13. I got this for £37.00 from Tesco Direct including VAT and delivery. Many people will be daft enough to pay full price for it. Although it should cost £49.99 tops, I’ve seen it for more than that. I suppose Nintendo being banned in for setting prices, retailers just charge what they want. But I think the price of Switch games will backfire at some point. Only a fool would pay silly prices.

  14. Last year was the first year since 2008 that we didn’t get an AC game, not 2007. Not like one year makes up a whole lot. 2009-2015? That’s still a lot of years. And Syndicate was a great game, and one of my favorites in the whole series. It just suffered from series fatigue and having to follow Unity though.

  15. Yep played the demo some more and its rubbish Dissapointed but not surprised .Physics and force feedback are awefull The wheel just feels heavy with no feedback whatsoever Going to cancel my copy quick

  16. So annoyed this doesn’t have VR in the demo! the rest of the game isn’t up to much either, the cars feel terrible, don’t look any better than Driveclub or Project cars and on the whole it’s no where near as enjoyable as other driving games already available. On the Plus side the demo has saved me £50. I will not be buying this game.

  17. What’s most annoying with missing VR is that demo is actually located in “new on PS VR” section of Playstation store. This is stupid. You download a demo of the VR game to find out VR is not there and will be in the final product. What Sony is thinking? Do they even think at all?

  18. Game is getting trashed by non ponylickers. Good try chap…Pitiful content, a quarter of the cars and half the tracks of other racers. No dynamic weather or day night cycle and the graphics are almost as good as Forza 7 on the Xbox one S…before the X arrives that is. This is just a scam to get people to subscribe to PS+. Took mine back already. Lord help these weirdos.

  19. Has anyone noticed that most screen shots and vids don’t show the true Turismo 7? Will we ever see an honest review of any game? Take off your rose tinted glasses and look at Turismo 7 very closely when playing it. It’s Turismo 6 updated with a title change. After playing Sport, I was left gobsmacked. The corruption in game reviews is wrong and this needs to be legally challenged at some point in the future. Misleading consumers in gaming has gone on for far too long.

  20. Best racing game I played so far, it makes the others seem stale and old. It’s very polished, even the music is great, and the menu system is good too. I’m glad they changed the GT series to make GT Sport, good move. There is loads of content. It has enough tracks and cars, quality over quantity.

      • Actually that is what the article complains about. I understand what spurred the article. It doesn’t change that the conclusion being made is not based on any reality of what is considered game design.

        The problem with Battlefront is not that you have to play the game to unlock stuff. That would be natural. The issue is that progression is tied to microtransactions and loot boxes.

        This article is trying to paint something that is not negative in a negative light to promote their agenda. Which is that they don’t like the game. Probably for the before mentioned reasons.

        That doesn’t change the fact that the argument being made in this particular argument is dumb.

      • I get the issues people have with Battlefront. This article is just trying to make everything out to be bad.

        It is not relevant to the issue of tying progression to microtransactions and loot boxes.

        That is what I am pointing out. This article pretty much asks for a game without any progression systems at all. Which, while not outright bad, makes little sense in the context of modern game design.

    • Cool so then when are we going to ban Pokemon card packs, and those 25 cent machines at the store…Those are also gambling….Oh wait im sure brain dead morons will claim that they aren’t, its only negative when your poor, stupid or just don’t like a certain company….You also need to work on your reading comprehension, maybe get an adult to read it to you. They would LIKE to, wanting something and actually passing legislation are 2 completely different things. But they also need to include Sports cards, Pokemon, blind boxes, those stupid loot crates that people gamble on etc….They are the EXACT same thing whether you rocket geniuses get that. When I pay $3 bucks for a pack of Pokemon cards I don’t get the whole set, and there are probably doubles I already have in it. Thats predatory and gambling governments should start looking into it along with these completely optional purchases that IF your going to try and defend Pokemon cards its not gambling either because you actually get game items in the loot box and it unlike Pokemon cards turns doubles back into credits…….Gambling for fully functional brains with an I.Q about 25 actually has a risk that you could get nothing at all….

  21. Sucks for Belgium. They can no longer play the following games:
    Team Fortress 2
    COD Black Ops 3
    Battlefield 1
    Middle Earth Shadow of War
    Madden NFL
    NHL Hockey
    NBA Live
    NBA 2K
    Angry Birds
    Castlevania Lord of Shadows
    Need For Speed Online
    Grand Theft Auto
    COD Advanced Warfare
    Candy Crush
    Dead Space 3
    Mortal Kombat X
    Assassin’s Creed Unity
    Guitar Hero
    Rock Band
    Destiny 2
    Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain
    War Thunder
    World of Tanks

  22. Wauw! Our country made the news in a good light!

    I don’t usually support banning or whatever, but this is a really good move.They plan to take this with the EU and that would lead to this being gambling everywhere in Europe and hopefully force the companies to stop doing this shit.

    • yeah, man.
      these studios re all a bunch of liars and thieves.
      they kept saying games cost 30…50..80…150 millions.. bla bla.
      now, EA, Pubisof, activision, blizzard, take2… they all made 3, 4, 5 billion dollars, in just a few months, and 1 game.
      what games are they making with those 1-3 billions ? 6 years later, still no gta6 announced…

      let’s go back to the old good times, when studios would be passionate about games, and would do anything to deliver the best experience as possible, with plenty of goodies, secret hidden levels and paths, great difficult enemies, local play, where we could start playing a game without asking ‘is it goigng to freeze?’…

      something must stop these companies. for sure, the lobbies in place are going to counter attack these politicians who are talking about gambling, us.. europe… they will even threaten deputies, by saying ‘if we ban loot boxes, the gaming industry may collapse.. etc etc.. it’s not good for the economy..blabla…gamers are just a bunch of idiots, anyway…’…

      let’s pray for many many countries to ban these microtransactions and loot boxes crap, all over the planet. this must end.

      mgs5pp, destiny2, shadow of murdor, asssasin creed origins, etc etc, so many games i had to skip because of MT/loot boxes. so sad. hope farcry5 won’t have any of their sheit, so we all can enjoy that great game with incredible graphics and gigantic map.

  23. the school where my nephew is studying, 40% of 10-14yo kids play gta online. they all ask money to buy yachts, flats, buggies, weapons necessary to do the new missions on each new dlc/expansion/game update.
    they play it, because once they went to a friend’s house, and the older brother was playing it… and the other brother too… and also the cousin… the older sister… parents can’teven prevent their own kids from playing it at home… they will play anywhere else, anyway..

    how many thousands videos i have watched, of overwatch, cod, CSgo, etc, and have heard young innocent kid’s voices, who often don’t even sound like a 9yo boy…?

    there are actually tons and tons of very young kids playing these online +18 games. companies know it, MS knows it, Sony knows it. they have the video and audio logs and txt chats, it’s easy to scan and analyse some samples.. though, they would never come out and say ‘hey, there are 10yo boys playing 18+ games in our ps4..

    but unlike the whales, who already have money, these young kids also manage to buy items, because they will tell daddy ‘ooh, dad, if i don’t buy these 3 things for 65 bucks only, i won’t be able to play with cousin steve and friends mate and john… please , dad..!’ and there goes another 8 milkion sharks/90 dollars straight to Take2 bank account, to join the 3 or 4 existing billions $

    so yes, unlike many, who think only whales spend money on loot boxes, kids also do it. a huge % of them.

    of course, kids get used to gambling, paying money to hopefully receive a nice, colorful, bunch of useless pixels, over and over again.

    EA and the others perfectly know there are a bubch of young kids playing their games and buying things. do they feel a bit of shame ? of course not. they are not humans.

    what a shame.

  24. I’m surprised none of the political parties picked up on this here in Queensland… with a state election looming (literally today) combined with the fact that Australia has a big issue with problem gambling, it would be wise to flag changes to the Gambing Machine Act 1991 to consider changes to this act.

  25. well did fan really create the first game and start work on the second, if so then why would the producer not credit him for that. this is wierd, so the creator gets pushed aside meanwhile its his game???

    or after it was bought by ea he simply becomes a nobody and ea takes over??

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