Hearthstone’s next expansion is Voyage to the Sunken City, launching on April 13

Blizzard is taking players under the sea in the latest Hearthstone expansion set to launch on April 13. Voyage to the Sunken City will add 135 new cards, introduce a new minion type, two new keywords and see players journey to the ancient city of Zin-Ashari.

With Voyage to the Sunken City, the Naga are coming to Hearthstone. “Destroyed by their thirst for power and cursed for all eternity, the vengeful Naga are a new minion type coming with this expansion and becoming a permanent addition to Hearthstone,” Blizzard announced. The Naga synergise with spell-casting and will often get bonuses if they’re in your hand while a spell is played.

For example, the Naga Spellcoiler’s text reads “If you’ve cast a spell while holding this, Discover a spell.” The spell Serpent Wig, which grants a minion +1/+1 also benefits from the Naga as if you play one of the new minion types while holding Serpent Wig, you gain an additional Serpent Wig in hand.

Hearthstone | Voyage to the Sunken City

Voyage to the Sunken City is also adding not one, but two new keywords to Hearthstone; Dredge and Colossal. Dredge is a very nifty new mechanic that allows players to look at the bottom three cards of their deck and pick one to bring to the surface. Dredging becomes even more powerful and interesting when paired with the new Azsharan cards that send a ‘sunken’ care to the bottom of the deck. In the cards announced today, the example shown is of the Azsharan Sweeper whose Battlecry is to put as ‘Sunken Sweeper’ on the bottom of the deck. The Sunken Sweeper has the same stats (3/4) as the Azsharan Sweeper, except its Battlecry is to add 3 random Mechs to your hand.

With only 14 cards announced today, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Dredge and Sunken cards will offer at launch.

The second new Keyword in Voyage to the Sunken City is Colossal. Colossal minions are enormous creatures who “creatures are too big to fit on one card” and come with additional appendages that synergise with their main card/body. For example, Xhilag of the Abyss, a 3/6 Demon, has Colossal +4. When summoned, Xhilagof the Abyss will be joined on the board by 4 additional minions each named Xhilag’s Stalk. Each Xhilag’s Stalk is a 1/2 Demon that deals 1 damage to a random enemy at the end of your turn. However, as long as Xhilag stays alive he increases the damage dealt by the stalks by 1 at the beginning of your turn.

Speaking with Chadd Nervig, Senior Game Designer and Leo Robles Gonzalez, Associate Game Designer, I confirmed that while Colossal minions come with appendages, they’re all considered separate minions when it comes to removal. Players won’t be able to take out the main body and have the appendages die as well, you’ll need to destroy each and every body part if you want to get rid of these Colossal beasts.

The other Colossal minion revealed today is Colaque. A 6/5 Beast, Colaque is Colossal+1 and when summoned brings Colaque’s Shell to the board. Colaque’s Sell is a 0/8 Beast with Taunt and a Deathrattle that grants 8 armour. Best of all, Colaque is immune as long as you control Collaque’s Shell.

There’s plenty more to learn about Voyage to the Sunken City in the lead up to release and you can head to the Hearthstone blog for details about the expansion and pre-release Patch 22.6 to read more.

Pre-orders for Voyage to the Sunken City are now open and players can pick up the Mega Bundle which includes 80 Voyage to the Sunken City card packs, 5 Golden Voyage to the Sunken City card packs, two random Voyage to the Sunken City Legendary cards, the Queen Azshara Mage hero skin, the Azshara card back, 5 Mercenaries Packs, and Battlegrounds Perks.

Voyage to the Sunken City launches on April 13, 2022.

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