Free Metroid Dread update adds brutal one-hit kill Dread Mode

Nintendo has announced that Metroid Dread will be receiving free content updates, the first of which is scheduled to be released later today; February 10, 2022. This first update introduces two new difficulty modes to Metroid Dread; one brutally difficult and the other for rookies.

Dread Mode is the name of the former and it means that Samus can’t be touched by enemies at all or it’s game over. A one-hit kill mode in Metroid is absolutely brutal and sounds like just the thing gaming masochists the world over will be in love with.

For players who like their gaming to be just south of impossible, Rookie Mode gives Samus increased recovery so she lives longer and gets further.

Metroid Dread Free Updates

Another free update is scheduled to arrive in April 2022 and will add a Boss Rush mode to Metroid Dread If you’re not familiar, Boss Rush modes pit you against bosses one after another. Good luck with that, especially if you can pair Dread Mode and Boss Rush.

Metroid Dread is set after the events of Metroid Fusion and was first conceived in the early 2000s. It lingered in development hell until it was finally released in 2021. Developer MercurySteam developed Metroid Dread after its success working on Samus Returns.

Now that people are talking about Metroid again, let’s hope Nintendo finally releases those remakes/remasters of Metroid Prime.

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