Valorant – New Agent Skye, coming October 27

Valorant is getting a new Agent this month; Skye. Hailing from Australia, Skye is described as an “eco-warrior” by Riot. She can bend organic matter to her will and is a great support Agent with the ability to heal her teammates.

Riot says Skye gives both Breach and Sage a run for their money when it comes to healing and aggression. Skye makes use of her trinkets to summon a hawk or Tasmanian Tiger with both providing opportunities for recon and attack.

Skye also uses her control of organic matter to heal allies in her line of sight, however, Skye is unable to heal herself.

Valorant New Agent Skye

In the video above, you can see each of Skye’s four abilities in action. They are Regrowth, Trailblazer, Guiding Light and, her Ultimate, Seekers. Riot calls Guiding Light Skye’s signature ability. By equipping a hawk trinket, Skye fires a hawk. Holding fire guides the hawk in the direction of the crosshair and re-activating the ability while the hawk is in flight transforms it into a flash that affects anyone in the AOE.

If it blinds an enemy, the hawk will screech, giving valuable recon and feedback to players.

Trailblazer allows Skye to take controllable of a Tasmanian Tiger which is used to scout ahead and pounce on enemies. Pouncing with the Tasmanian Tiger deals a small amount of damage. Regrowth is Skye’s healing ability. Teammates in line of sight and nearby can be healed up to 100 health.

Riot says Skye can’t heal herself because she’s “really focused on being very supportive, getting her team into an area and keeping them up for the next fight.”

Skye’s ultimate is called Seekers. It summons three stealth seekers that chase down nearby enemies, anywhere on the map. When a Seeker finds an enemy, it focuses on them and reveals itself before detonating and nearsighting the enemy. Riot likens the Seekers to the spooky ghosts in League of Legends. Each of the Seekers can be destroyed by the enemy team though, so there’s a layer of counterplay.

When Skye’s added to Valorant her Agent Contract will include;

  • Three sprays
  • Two Titles
  • One Gun Buddy
  • One Player Card
  • Skye Agent

Skye launches for Valorant on October 27, 2020.

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