Get your Valnir Rok codes here; Early Access Viking RPG

Valnir Rok is a multiplayer survival RPG that puts players into the boots of Vikings. Developed by encurio, Valnir Rok is a “game in which you take your destiny into your own hands and will determine your own destiny between fearless Vikings, cunning traders and cruel beasts!”

Thanks to the generous folks at encurio, we have 10 codes to giveaway that will grant access to the full-game in Early Access on Steam. All you need to do is enter your email address in the field below and claim one of the keys.

It’s first come, first served.

Valnir Rok

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Launched in September 2017, Valnir Rok has undergone significant changed since then. The most recent of which occurred in April 2020. Since its launch into Early Access additions made include;

  • Added church and monks with a peaceful area to Valnir
  • Added death spawn points to be able to get faster to certain spots
  • French translation of the game (Alpha/WIP)
  • NPC: A new legendary enemy, the kraken arrived

The developers have also been working to fix and remove bugs and improve the overall user experience.

Valnir Rok is in Early Access on Steam.

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