DOOM Eternal’s first update adds Empowered Demons and Precious Metals event; live now

Bethesda and id have announced that DOOM Eternal update 1 is now available. This first update adds some new-content, makes quality of life changes and introduces a new event. You can check out the video below for an overview of what’s included.

Update 1 introduces Empowered Demons, Event Series 3 (Precious Metals) and a range of updates to single-player and Battlemode. Empowered Demons are a way for all players to share in the pain of death while also granting extra health, ammo and XP when they’re killed.

When a Demon kills a player in the campaign, it is powered up and transported into another player’s game. Kill it to gain the bonus rewards.

Update 1 also adds Echelon levelling. Once players finish DOOM Level 250, they’ll receive their first Echelon. This grants a special icon, showing off their rank to other players. Once you unlock an Echelon, your rank is reset to Level 1 and you retain all gear.

DOOM Eternal Update 1

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The Precious Metals Event is live with Update 1 and gives players the chance to earn new cosmetics just by earning XP. Precious Metals will add new weapon skins, player icons, nameplates and player skins. Additionally, this event and all future events will add a Deluxe Skin to unlock.

Precious Metals ends on June 18.

In single-player, id and Bethesda say they’ve been listening to fans;

Update 1 addresses some of the top issues we’re hearing. Some of these changes include expanded demon tutorials, the ability to dash vertically in water and reducing toxic damage while swimming.

Finally, in Battlemode, the following has been updated;

  • Deaths in BATTLEMODE now display a death report to show players what killed them
  • Prestige stars now appear under the player card to highlight the most dedicated players
  • Addressed latency and lag issues
  • Tutorials now appear for all players when playing BATTLEMODE for the first time
  • Echelon Leveling for players at the maximum level

For full details of all changes in DOOM Eternal Update 1, head to the Slayers Club.

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