Five games to play during the lockdown

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Stay at home. This is one of the primary preventive measures that the world health organization has advised to help in the control of the spread of the Coronavirus. The number of coronavirus cases and deaths is increasing daily, and most of the countries have opted for more robust measures such as total lockdown, curfews, and ensuring their citizens maintain social distancing to fight the virus.

Many businesses, schools, and recreational centres have been closed to ensure that people stay home to prevent more casualties.  Staying at home with no access to your friends, relatives, and access to the playing grounds can become very boring, and that why you may result in checking for some games both for your PC or phone to keep you entertained. There are many games developed and thousands of games emerging every day, so finding the right game that suits and entertain you might be a big challenge. Here are some of the games that might be interesting during this pandemic.

FIFA (EA Sports)

There is a countable number of football leagues all over the world running during this pandemic, and the rest have either been cancelled or postponed waiting for the epidemic to be controlled. If you are a football fan, I am sure you miss the action, and this game will provide the environment you have been missing. The game has high-quality graphics, and the audio is excellent.

The players look just like the actual players, and the commentators make you feel as if you are playing or watching a live football match. The game is available for the phone, PC, PlayStation, and even Xbox. If you have a friend who you would love to compete with, the game can be played with multiple players.

Candy Crush

This is one of the most popular mobile games played. I am sure you have had an opportunity to play, or you have seen a number of people playing in the park, buses and even at home. The game seems easy, but as you advance, it becomes more and more complicated. One has to complete one level before going to the next level.

It also gives you an option to link with your Facebook profile to view how your friends are faring in different levels. Many say the game is very addictive, but that does not matter, especially during this time you have lots of free time and less activity to perform.


If you love mission games and you are yet to play this game, then you are missing a lot. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle game that lets you fight for your survival on an island with 99 rivals. To emerge the winner, you have to trace and ambush your competitors and develop a strategy that will help you eliminate all your opponents and ensure you are the last man standing. Playing with multiple players online makes you prone to cyber-attacks, and that why it is essential to have a virtual private network to prevent any malicious attack.

Not all VPNs can be able to make your network safe, and that why you need the best VPN to secure your network. Although people mostly use VPNs for streaming purposes nowadays, they can also be used to unblock gaming servers.

Asphalt 9 Legends

We know all the racing events have been postponed, and others cancelled, so if you are big fun for racing events, this game might be what you need during this period. The game is developed by EA Sports and has the best graphics, audio, and the controls are very intuitive.

The player can play alone or compete with other players online. It also gives you an option to start a career while competing with other players all over the world. If you want to play this game on online mode on your phone, make sure to take care of your privacy and security fast by choosing a decent VPN on your iPhone.


Before the pandemic game night was a thing and you could invite your friends and relatives to play cards with you. With most of the countries under lockdown and many people being advised to stay at home, you can still have game night online with all your friends and relatives. UNO is one of the oldest card games which has been played for many years while playing using the actual cards; it is more enjoyable, but the environment created by UNO game developer is more engaging and enjoyable. You can play with different people in the world, but if you want only specific people to participate, you can create a private room and invite selected people. While playing UNO online, it is advisable to have the best gaming VPN to ensure that you are secure from any attacks.

Your favorite game might not be listed above, and these are but a percentage of the games available that can be played during this period of COVID-19. You can choose your favorite game depending on your interest, and since we are not sure when the vaccine will be developed and when the government will control the pandemic, you can still try all these games.

One of the biggest concerns is the security, playing games online expose you to unwanted attacks and that why you need to secure your network by having a reliable virtual private network for you to have peace of mind any time you are enjoying your games.

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