Warframe Podcast Episode 84 – Where have Warframe Quests gone?

With news that the next Warframe, Protea, will be a reward for the next Corpus-themed Operation, the Cephalons discuss their thoughts on this. Whatever happened to Warframe quests, and how do they feel now that it looks like we won’t be getting more of these kinds of quests anytime soon?

In addition, Cephalon Squared now has a clan emblem in the game! So with that excitement, we discuss emblems, sigils, and glyphs in the beginner topic, and Cephalon Lucas tackles TWO topics this week for Advanced tips!

Get on it!


  • News: more Kuva Lich fixes, new Sigil available via Twitch Prime, Sortie Disprution.. disruptions?
  • Discussion: What happened to Warframe quests?
  • Beginner Topic: Emblems, Sigils & Glyphs
  • Advanced Topic: Lich Hunting on Cassini, and a special build – Spider Loki.

Warframe Podcast

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