Home News Bleeding Edge’s Gizmo comes from Broken Hill in Australia

Bleeding Edge’s Gizmo comes from Broken Hill in Australia

Bleeding Edge’s Gizmo comes from Broken Hill in Australia

Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge, a competitive, arena-based PvP game, includes a diverse cast of characters. Each of the 12 playable characters come from countries all over the world including the USA, U.K., Ireland, Norway and, best of all, Australia. It’s always exciting to see your homeland featured in a game and in Australia, it happens far less frequently than for other countries.

In Bleeding Edge, Damage class character Gizmo hails from Broken Hill in New South Wales. Broken Hill was established in 1883 and is a prominent mining town in New South Wales and Australia.

It was also integral to the birth of the trade union movement in Australia. Bleeding Edge’s Gizmo grew up in the town which informed her mechanical skills and genius.

Bleeding Edge Gizmo

According to her bio, Gizmo built her first robot before she was 10 years old and was a deadly mech-fighter before she could drive. In Australia, this could mean 16-years old, when we are eligible for Learner’s Permit or 18 when we get Probationary Licenses.

Aside from her bio though, there’s not too much about Gizmo, at the moment, that reflects her Australian heritage. She does have a couple of mods with Australian-slang sounding names (Hoon, Rev Head) but that’s about it.

As Bleeding Edge is only in beta right now, we can’t see the different skins available for the characters. Maybe Ninja Theory has some Aussie skins hidden away, fingers crossed.

Despite a bit of disappointment in the lack of Australiana associated with Gizmo, it’s always great to see Aussies represented in gaming.

Gizmo comes from Broken Hill and that’s rad.

Bleeding Edge is coming to PC and Xbox One.