Killer Queen Black launches for Switch and PC in October

Killer Queen Black, from Liquid Bit, is launching on PC and Switch in October. Coming to PC via Discord and Steam and Switch on the eShop, Killer Queen Black is an eight-player arcade platformer that pits two teams of four against each other. Originally launched as an arcade game, the Switch and PC release marks the end of a long journey, according to Matt Tesch, co-founder of Liquid Bit.

Bringing Killer Queen home has been a long journey but we can finally show our efforts. Soon players around the world can scream and shout ‘SNAIL, WATCH THE SNAIL!’ at home or the arcades.

Players can win rounds in one of three ways and will require the Queens and workers to coordinate and cooperate.

Killer Queen Black

In each team of four, there is one Queen and three workers. An economic win sees one team collecting berries in the level and returning them to their base. Military victories come from defeating the opposing Queen three times and Snail victories happen when one team manages to slowly ride the Snail into their base.

If it all sounds overwhelming, a Tutorial mode will help new players out. Gradually introducing mechanics and AI, the difficulty is increased over time to help players understand how Killer Queen Black works.

In the proper game, there is both Ranked and Quickplay. Quickplay will see empty player spots filled by AI. In Ranked, skill-based matchmaking puts eight human players into a game together. Following 10 placement matches, players will be ranked Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Obsidian.

As communication is key in Killer Queen Black, developer Liquid Bit has included cross-platform voice chat powered by Vivox. If you prefer not to chat, players can use emotes and a callout system. Two local Switches can connect via wireless and full 4v4 local play.

Killer Queen Black will launch on Switch and PC on October 11. It is coming to Xbox One at a later date.

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