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Remedy’s Magnum Opus, Control, is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Like other Remedy games, Control is full of secrets, collectibles and hidden items for players to find. Since we’re so nice, we’ve scoured the Oldest House and put together some guides to help you find everything.

This guide will help you locate notes and recordings in the Executive Sector in the Oldest House. As you progress through the story in Control, the Executive Sector will gradually change and you’ll be able to access additional rooms.

Files and recordings will also appear sporadically as the story progresses, so check back periodically so you don’t miss anything.

Control Collectibles Guide

The very first collectible you can find in the Executive Sector is located in a security room to your left as you exit the elevator that appears after you speak with Ahti the Janitor.

Through the door to the security room, you’ll see a small table on the right-side wall. On that table is the note.

Next, head towards the Director’s Office and you’ll come to a sort of reception area. On the left side wall, just past the pneumatic tubes are some filing cabinets and on top of them is another note.

From here, head inside the Director’s office and watch as the drama unfolds. After that’s done with, you’ll exit the office and the corridor ahead will shift and the elevator will disappear.

Follow the new corridor around until you enter Executive Affairs; a large room with multiple desks and some small rooms to the right. Keep to the right and you’ll see a darkened room with a large conference table.

Head inside.

You’ll see a note on the floor on the far side of the table.

From the last note, leave the room and turn right. There will be bathrooms on your right-hand side and in front of you is an office with a projector screen.

On the left wall of this room are some filing cabinets and on top of these is an audio recording.

After you grab the recording, exit the room and keep to the right. Move forward and you’ll come to a large typing pool.

On the far wall, in the top right corner, you’ll see some filing cabinets. On top of these is another note.

After picking up the note, turn left and ahead of you on the right-hand side is a shelter.

Open the door and look to the right-hand side of the shelter. Sitting on a sink is another note.

Proceed to Central Executive. This whole area is cloaked in darkness when you arrive. On a room to your right, go inside and you’ll see a note sitting on a cabinet on the left-hand wall.

After you cleanse the Control Point in Central Executive and freed the FBC employees from the Shelter, you’ll notice that inside the shelter there’s a set of bunk beds.

On the bottom bunk bed is a note.

Go and grab it.

Head upstairs, now that you’re able and do a lap of the offices on the top floor. When you come to a room with a large desk in the centre, a massive projector screen and pneumatic tubes on the left-hand side you’ll be able to grab another note.

Keep moving to the right around the top level and after you pass an alcove, an office to your left is the next stop.

On a desk inside the office on the right-hand side is another note to grab.

Head back downstairs and go through to the Cafeteria to continue the story.

As you enter, you’ll see that the room ahead is blocked off by debris. Go to your right and you’ll be in a small office-type room. On some filing cabinets on the right-hand wall is another note.

Go downstairs to the main area of the Cafeteria and keep to the left. You’ll come across a short set of stairs leading to another Shelter.

Outside the Shelter are some benches. On the right-hand side bench, you’ll find another note.

To exit the Cafeteria, you need to go right into Dead Letters, however, you’ll want to go left to get this next note.

On the left-hand side of the staircase on the left-hand side of the room, when Dead Letters is to your right, you’ll be able to go into the women’s bathroom.

On the floor inside the first cubicle, you’ll find a note.

Once you enter Dead Letters, you’ll want to deal with the Hiss first and the cleanse the Control Point.

Once you’ve done so, head to the small room just past the control point, on the right-hand side of the upper walkway and to the right of the door that leads deeper into the Communications Department.

Inside the room are some filing cabinets, a desk, PC, whiteboard and a television. This television is your next collectible.

Go back to the door you entered Dead Letters from the Cafeteria through. Facing towards the Control Point, on your left, there is a note at the base of a staircase.

Go downstairs and go to the left. On the right-hand side, there is a small office with a dividing wall in the centre.

As you enter the room you’ll see filing cabinets with a note on top.

On the opposite side of the room, at the base of another small staircase, you’ll find a room with windows that have reinforced steel in them.

Inside the room are a desk, projector screen and filing cabinets. As you look through the door, you’ll seed a note on top of these cabinets.

In this same room, turn left and go past the dividing wall.

Against that wall is a television and it holds your very first taste of the brilliantly weird Threshold Kids tv show.

On the lowest floor of Dead Letters, go to the right-hand-side (when facing the Control Point) and go inside the office with multiple dividing walls.

In the central section, on the floor, you’ll find another note.

At the very bottom of the room, underneath where you entered from the Cafeteria and underneath the stairs there are a number of filing cabinets.

This section of the room is pretty dark, but thankfully the icons help you navigate. At the centre underneath the stairs, there is a secure storage box. Just beyond that, further to the left of the room, on top of some cabinets is another note.

Now that you’re done with Dead Letters (until you have more abilities) keep heading deeper into communications.

When you come to Pneumatics, instead of turning right into the room, keep going straight down the corridor to the shelter.

Open the door and you’ll see secure storage in front of you. On the right side of the room, just next to a bench seat, you’ll see a note.

Once you’re done with Pneumatics, keep going towards the Mail Room.

As you go down the corridor away from Pneumatics, you’ll come to a T-Junction with a room on the left and right. Head into the room on your left.

In the centre of this room, just past a row of pigeon holes, on top of a filing cabinet and underneath a notice board, you’ll find another note.

Leave this room and go up the stairs at the end of the corridor. You’ll be on the upper level and to your right, just outside the Mail Room, will be an open-plan office area.

On top of a set of filing cabinets in an L-Shape and near a large potted plant, you’ll find an audio recording.

It is your first America Overnight radio show.

Turn around and go back to the staircase. This time, climb to the top and you’ll be able to enter a room filled with odd-looking cubes.

From where you enter this room, head to the left until you reach the left-hand wall. Along this wall are a desk and photocopier. On top of this copier is another note.

After collecting this note, head into the Mail Room and deal with the Hiss.

After that’s done, take your time to explore this large room. There are four large pneumatic tube pillars on each side of the Mail Room. From the entry, go to the first pillar on the left-hand side.

On the left of this pillar, underneath the tube marked with ‘U’ is a note.

Go through the Mail Room and you’ll enter a small, circular control room. On the desk to your right, as you enter the room, you’ll find another note.

From here, make a 180-degree turn and you’ll see a recording device on another desk.

To exit the Control Room and make your way to the Hotline Chamber, you’ll need to leave via a door on your left (as you enter).

Before you go through the door, make sure you inspect the overturned mail cart on the floor for another note.

Go through the narrow corridor that leads to the Hotline Chamber. Once you enter the ‘lobby’ for the Hotline Chamber, turn and face back towards the way you came and you’ll see a pneumatic tube and a file note sitting on top.

Continue towards the Hotline Chamber. Just before you enter, there is a small office/reception area.

There are some file cabinets here, against the right-hand wall. Another note is sitting on top.

Leave the Hotline Chamber and re-enter the Director’s Office through the newly opened door.

Sitting on the Director’s Desk is a note.

Having entered the Mail Room, you will have collected a Level 01 Security Clearance. This now opens up a few new doors to you and lets you find some more Collectibles.

The first door you can open is a straight shot from the Director’s Office. This Level 01 door is directly opposite the security room that you first entered to get this sector’s first collectible.

Once you open the door, the note is sitting on the floor, right in front of you.

You’re also now able to open the Level 01 door on the upper level of Central Executive.

Head back there and open the door.

Once you do, you’ll see a pneumatics tube directly in front. On top of this is another note.

With that done, go back to the Board Room to talk to Pope and get your next mission. As you enter the room, go passed Pope on the right-hand side of the table.

Behind Pope is another note sitting on the table.

The next collectible in the Executive Sector isn’t available until you have higher clearances.

You’ll need to continue the story and complete a few missions before you’re able to access additional areas in the Executive Sector and before additional collectibles appear.

When you have Level 02 clearance, you can head back to Dead Letters and open the door at the top right corner of the room. Inside, you’ll find a note on the floor.

With Level 01 Clearance, you can also head down to Pneumatics and open a door on the right-hand side.

Inside are a small control desk and a note.

Go back towards the Mail Room and head upstairs to a locked room.

Open it and inside you’ll see rows of desks and cubicles. Directly in front of you, on top of a filing cabinet is a note.

With Level 03 clearance, you’ll be able to open a locked door in the Central Executive, on the ground floor. In the bottom left corner, you’ll find the Level 03 door.

Once unlocked, you’ll find a note on the desk in the first room.

When you acquire a Level 04 clearance, head back to Central Executive and go upstairs. Head down the corridor that leads to the Director’s Office and open the Level 04 door on your left.

Inside, the room is covered with Post-It notes.

Just left of the door, in the centre of the room, you’ll find a note on a filing cabinet.

After entering the Post-It room, go back downstairs to the Control Point. Facing towards the elevator, head just to the left and you’ll find an audio recording device on top of some hard cases.

Having completed a number of main missions, you should also go to the Board Room and check for new notes. The more you play and the more Pope learns about the Hiss the more information you can find.

Check the table for new notes and remember that the longer you’re away, the more notes there are likely to be.

After you’ve opened the Level 04 door, you’ll also want to do a lap of the upstairs offices as new notes will have been left on desks for you to find.

One note can be found in the office next door to the Post-It office. The note is sitting on a desk in the centre of the room.

Another, is in this same office, but you’ll need to head to the left and through to the second office space, separated by a divider. This other note is on the desk in the corner, next to the reel-to-reel machine.

Once you’ve visited the Containment Sector and unlocked the Levitate Ability, you’ll want to head back to Dead Letters and climb up to unlock a whole new section.

Simply go to the Control Point and use Levitate to go up the ledges to the left or right and then Levitate up again to access a new level.

Head inside the door and you’ll be in a long office. Look for a photocopier near the windows overlooking Dead Letters. On this, you’ll find a note.

Next, you’ll want to climb the staircase at the back of this office and unlock the Level 04 door at the top. Inside is a private office with a note on the filing cabinets at the back of the room.

Go back down the stairs and out into the main area of Dead Letters. Stick to the left-hand side and climb the staircase that leads to higher levels.

On the left-hand side, at the far end of the first level after the office and photocopier, you’ll see a note on the ground near a blocked door. Continue up and you’ll come to an overlook.

This is located on the second of the three levels accessible by the stairs.

In the centre of this overlook are a row of filing cabinets and on top, you can find a note. Finally, you’ll reach the top level where you can find two more notes.

The first is located at the far end (above the Control Point) and is on top of some filing cabinets. The second is on the right-hand side on the floor next to a desk.

Once Arish takes up residence in Central Executive, go behind the table he’s standing at and look for a small folding table with a note on it.

There you have it. All the collectibles from the Executive Sector.

This is just the beginning of your journey into the Oldest House and Control. Make sure you check out our other guides to collectibles too.

Control is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Control Collectibles Guide – FBC Lobby

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