Kerbal Space Program Expansion, Breaking Ground, launches this week

A Kerbal Space Program expansion, Breaking Ground, is launching this week. The expansion puts an emphasis on “exploration, experimentation, and technological breakthroughs.”

Breaking Ground will give players a brand-new suite of robotics parts to play with and add creative new designs to your spacecraft.

This Kerbal Space Program expansion also focuses on science and research by giving players plenty of experiments to try.

Kerbal Space Program Expansion

According to developer Squad, players will;

Study the soaring plume of a cryovolcano on Vall, mysterious craters on Moho, and even more new features on all of the other moons and planets of the Solar System.

The added robotics introduce new control mechanics for spacecraft which allows players to invent new, crazy vehicles and devices that assist in exploration.

Also coming to the Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground are ‘Surface Features.’ These include minerals, meteors, craters and more. By carrying out experiments and research, players can collect new and important data with the new Rover Arm.

Finally, a brand-new space suit has been added.

Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground launches for PC on May 30.

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