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Braveland Trilogy on Switch is a collection of three previously released mobile titles and it kind of shows. They’re very simplistic and straightforward both visually and mechanically.

Originally released as BravelandBraveland Pirate and Braveland Wizard, the re-release gives you all three in one package. 

Braveland Trilogy plays as a lite tactical RPG. You control your units, command them to attack and use special abilities and upgrade them over time so they can gain offensive and defensive increases.

Braveland Trilogy Review

When you boot it up, Braveland Trilogy gives you a few simple battles to get your bearings, essentially a run of tutorials. It doesn’t take long for you to get the hang of it, especially as Braveland Trilogy is very basic. 

The units on screen have a number underneath which signifies how many of that unit are in that squad. When you fight enemies, units will take damage and when HP is fully depleted, the unit will die, reducing the overall number in the Squad. If you lose all members of the Squad, they’re knocked out until your next battle.

However, should you perform well and earn coins, some units will be replaced. 

A bit meh

It’s a really simple system that boils down to having more numbers than the enemy. The strategy in Braveland Trilogy is entirely about making sure you have a big enough army. I never had to do anything besides recruit units as sheer numbers always won out.

Your leader character and their stats do make a difference to your army and can make them deal more damage or take more hits etc. However, this is a really underdeveloped part of the game and never becomes essential. By the end, you really feel like you’re going through the motions and Braveland Trilogy never evolves beyond its tutorials. 

It becomes a slog and a pretty bland one at that. It looks and plays like a mobile title, which is exactly what it is. It might be worth playing for a few minutes every now and then on your commute, but if you’replaying your Switch, there are way better games to play. 

Braveland Trilogy was reviewed on Switch using a digital code provided by the publisher. 

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