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Monkey Wall from Cosen is a digital version of that bizarre human Tetris TV show from Japan. Playing as a monkey, players need to adjust his pose to match the oncoming walls and make sure he can pass through the hole. 

To do so, players simply tap on the Switch’s touchscreen to remove blocks from the wall. 

The monkey moves forward to the rhythm and beat of the music and keeping in time by tapping on the screen, helps make sure you get through unscathed. Rather than tap directly on the oncoming wall, an icon depicting the wall and its current shape is shown at the bottom corner. 

Monkey Wall Review

Players need to compare the wall coming towards the monkey avatar and the one in the lower corner and make them match by removing one or more squares. The wall is divided into a 3×3 grid which creates the potential for a number of different poses and combinations. 

As you progress, the spaces you need to get the monkey through, become more complicated. You’ll also need to start removing two and three squares at a time in addition to the overall speed gradually increasing.

Even more difficult than that, the representation of the wall begins to rotate and shift. Instead of being a flat, front on version of the wall, it’s now swinging around and sitting at different angles. This really starts to make your brain ache as you continue.

Getting in Shape

When you make a mistake, the monkey slams into the wall and loses one of his three hearts. 

If you lose all three, you’re back to the start. 

And that’s about it really. Visually, Monkey Wall uses a similar art style to Cross Road and Steppy Pants. The monkey is boxy and colourful and everything is rendered in flat bright colours. The music is suitably inoffensive and keeps you bopping along while you play. 

Overall, Monkey Wall is a pretty basic puzzle game that you’d normally find on mobile. It works really well on Switch, looks great and only costs $4.99 USD, so the price is right. It’s a fun little time-waster, but don’t expect to get hours and hours of entertainment. 

Monkey Wall was reviewed on Switch using a digital code provided by Cosen.

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