The Darkening of Tristram event returns to Diablo 3

Stay a while and listen…the Darkening of Tristram returns.

Just when you thought the town of Tristram couldn’t be put through anymore Hell, the Diablo III anniversary raises its ugly horned head and bellows a dark call to creatures and cultists most foul.

Veterans and newbies alike will love this homage to the early days of what became the blood-drenched juggernaut known as the Diablo franchise.

The Darkening of Tristram

Hunting down a group of mysterious cultists, players follow them from Sanctuary and uncover clues that lead to a portal to Tristram’s haunted past.

Relive the horror that first gripped the town so many years ago and cloaked the world in darkness forever after. Veterans will recognise the oppressive form of the Cathedral that haunted so many of our dreams as young gamers.

With a Diablo III engine facelift, you can relive the horror of that first time you saw a bleeding man lay dying. Relive that curiosity as this dying man warns of a creature called the Butcher and of the Arch-Bishops betrayal.

Experience horrifying PTSD as you casually flick open a door and the Butcher rushes you and you stand there like an idiot in pants-shitting terror. 14 year old me is still shook thinking about it.

But what you guys really wanna know about is loot right? That’s why we delve into dungeons full of horrors and despair, for a sweet new axe, cool pets and the ability to transmog some spooky wings onto our armour. The Darkening of Tristram is packed full of new achievements that yield new pets, portraits and pets.

Gather an adventuring party and set off, explore the depths of Tristram’s cathedral for the first or hundredth time and soak in the rich lore of the world. No phones needed.

But be warned, this wibbly wobbly timey whimey portal stuff can’t stay open forever. The sages have foretold it will close on February 1 for ANZ players. 

Don’t delay, push past Deckard before he gets into one of those never ending stories where he had an onion on his belt and kick some cultist face in.

Jamie Sherlock
Jamie Sherlock
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