Get your own personalised My PS4 Life video and see your PS4 milestones

Much like Spotify and Microsoft, PlayStation has jumped on board the Year in Review train. PlayStation is offering players a chance to look back at their PS4 experience with a personalised My PS4 Life video.

The video trawls through your PlayStation account and provides some interesting facts and tidbits about your time with the console.

It’ll let you know how many trophies you’ve earned in your PS4’s lifetime, which games you’ve played most and even your rarest trophy.

My PS4 Life

You can view my video below and in it, I was surprised to learn that my first PS4 game was Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.

Even more surprising was the total number of hours I’ve spent with my PS4; 5462 hours. That’s 227 days or seven months. Pretty impressive given the console was released five years ago.

It’s quite a nifty little service from PlayStation, so make sure you head to the My PS4 Life site and get your own video. 

Does anyone have a rarer trophy than me?

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