Ubisoft is teasing a post-apocalyptic Far Cry sequel

Ubisoft has started teasing the announcement of a new Far Cry game at The Game Awards.

The teaser focuses on the final moments of the end of Far Cry 5 and goes on to explain how after the nuclear explosion, the world carried on. Weaponry in the trailer appears to be scavenged and we see a crossbow and some kind of circular saw blade launcher.

According to Ubisoft’s social channels, this game will be the next Far Cry instalment, but whether it’s Far Cry 6 or a spin-off remains to be seen.

New Far Cry

In the trailer, a voiceover alludes to the events in Far Cry 5 and it seems to suggest that this new entry will be set sometime in the future.

None of us were ready for the end. The flames devoured everything and when death rolls through our Valley. Their world turned cold and dark. The years of rain the howling winds gave way to blue skies and a new world in bloom.

We felt hope.

We were wrong.

The next Far Cry will be revealed at The Game Awards.

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