Buy the special Black Ops whOPPER from Hungry Jack’s and get double XP in Black Ops 4

Video game marketing is a weird and wonderful thing. With Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Activision has teamed up with Hungry Jack’s to bring you the Black Ops Whopper. Oops, I mean whOPPER.

This special edition of HJ’s most famous burger is just a standard Whopper that comes with a special code to unlock double XP in Black Ops 4

The promotion runs from October 12 through November 9 and will grant 15-minutes of double XP to everyone who purchases a Black Ops Whopper.

Black Ops Whopper

Both Activision and Hungry Jack’s are stoked with this promotion with Vice-President of Activision APAC, Mark Aubrey saying;

We’re thrilled to be able to offer 2XP to our community via our partnership with Hungry Jack’s – a first for us in Australia.

Hungry Jacks’ CMO, Scott Baird said;

Our millennial customers love gaming and burgers, which is why the BLACK whOPPER is the perfect partnership. We are excited to give our customers an Australian first by adding free 2XP with our famous Whopper burgers.

Those who purchase a Black Ops Whopper and want to claim their 15-minutes of XP, head to the Black Ops Whopper website.

 According to the terms and conditions, a maximum of forty hours, or 160 codes can be used per account. If you’re a huge fan of Whoppers and you want to eat 160 of them, then you too can have forty hours of double XP.

Enjoy your Black Ops Whoppers chums.

Black Ops 4 is available now.

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