Rainbow Six Siege Year One Operators discounted for a limited time

What better time to get into the resurrected Rainbow Six Siege than with a Year One Operator Price drop. Ubisoft has recently announced it will reduce the cost of Year One Operators by nearly 40%.

This is ideal for newer players who have bought the starter edition — I made the switch from PS4 to PC — as it’s a great way to get a few more operators under your belt. It’s even suitable for experienced players who don’t have those last few characters and want to make sure they grab them.

This discount includes Frost, Buck, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, Capitao, Caviera, Hibana and Echo.

Rainbow Six Siege Year One Operators

According to Ubisoft “This is a temporary discount because the value of the operators remain the same” and only applies to the Rainbow Six Siege Year One Operators.

It’s been confirmed that there are no plans to extend the discount to Year Two Operators at this time.

If you’re keen on trying a new play style or just want to get them for completion’s sake, the renown price drop from 25000 to 15000 will soften the grind a little or for those who are more flush with cash.

The R6 Credit price decreases from 600 to 360 and purchasing the Year 1 bundle for 1440 R6 credits will net you a saving of 33% for a total price of $22.44AUD, instead of the previous price of $29.95AUD.

This discount will be active until March 4, 2019, so there is plenty of time to get a few nice additions to your roster.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now.

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