F1 2018’s second gameplay trailer is making headlines

Well, technically it is, but also, the trailer itself is about the cars and the drivers themselves. This trailer is pure car porn and shows us the formula 1 vehicles speeding around the track.

This second F1 2018 gameplay trailer also gives us a look at the drivers themselves. Showing the drivers facing off against the press after a race which is just another part of the F1 2018 experience.

F1 2018 includes every official team, all the drivers and all 21 circuits included in the 2018 season.

F1 2018 Gameplay Trailer

According to Art Director Stu Campbell;

F1 has undergone a huge visual rebrand this year. It has an exciting, fresh new look and we are looking to bring that into the game as much as we can. Our aim this year was to create as big a visual improvement as we possibly could to give a more authentic and realistic experience. When you see it side by side with the 2017 game I think you will see a huge leap forward

In addition to including all the current season’s content, F1 2018 will also feature 20 iconic cars from throughout the sport’s history.

F1 2018 will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 24, 2018.

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