How many dinosaurs are in Jurassic World Evolution?

Jurassic World Evolution lets you build your very own Jurassic Park. It’s one of the best sim management games around and its wish fulfilment is off the charts.

The basis of any good game based on Jurassic Park or Jurassic World is the number and types of dinosaurs available. Thankfully, Frontier Developments has gone all out and included every dinosaur you could possibly want. 

Jurassic World Evolution even includes the made-up dinos from the two most recent movies.

Jurassic World Evolution Dinosaurs

In Jurassic World Evolution, there are a total of 49 dinosaurs to unlock, clone and grow. These include all your favourites. 

Some of the species are available from the get-go, some require unlocking and some are available as DLC or in title updates. Below, I’ve listed all dinosaurs in the game as well as which Island they are unlocked on and how they’re unlocked.




How to Unlock

Available with

AllosaurusLarge CarnivoreIsla SornaScience ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
AnkylosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Muerta Base Game
ApatosaurusGigantic HerbivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
ArchaeornithomimusSmall HerbivoreIsla TacañoSecurity ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
BaryonyxMedium CarnivoreIsla MuertaScience ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
BrachiosaurusGigantic HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
CamarasaurusGigantic HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
CarnotaurusMedium CarnivoreIsla PenaScience ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
CeratosaurusMedium CarnivoreIsla Matanceros Base Game
ChasmosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
ChungkingosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Muerta Base Game
CorythosaurusLarge HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
CrichtonsaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla MatancerosScience ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
DeinonychusSmall CarnivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
DilophosaurusSmall CarnivoreIsla Muerta Base Game
DiplodocusGigantic HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
DracorexSmall HerbivoreIsla MatancerosEntertainment MissionBase Game
EdmontosaurusLarge HerbivoreIsla Matanceros Base Game
GallimimusSmall HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
GiganotosaurusLarge CarnivoreIsla PenaSecurity MissionBase Game
GigantspinosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
HuayangosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Muerta Base Game
Indominus rexLarge CarnivoreIsla PenaResearch (Hybrid Project)Base Game
IndoraptorMedium CarnivoreIsla SornaSecurity ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
KentrosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla PenaEntertainment MissionBase Game
MaiasauraLarge HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
MajungasaurusMedium CarnivoreIsla Sorna Deluxe Edition
MamenchisaurusGigantic HerbivoreIsla SornaScience MissionBase Game
MetriacanthosaurusMedium CarnivoreIsla TacañoSecurity MissionBase Game
MuttaburrasaurusLarge HerbivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
NodosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla TacañoScience MissionBase Game
PachycephalosaurusSmall HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
ParasaurolophusLarge HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
PentaceratopsArmored HerbivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
PolacanthusArmored HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
SauropeltaArmored HerbivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
SinoceratopsArmored HerbivoreIsla MatancerosEntertainment ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
SpinosaurusLarge CarnivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
StegosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Sorna Base Game
StruthiomimusSmall HerbivoreIsla Matanceros Base Game
StygimolochSmall HerbivoreIsla TacañoEntertainment ObjectiveFallen Kingdom Update
StyracosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla MuertaEntertainment ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
SuchomimusMedium CarnivoreIsla PenaSecurity ObjectiveDeluxe Edition
TorosaurusArmored HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
TriceratopsArmored HerbivoreIsla Matanceros Base Game
TsintaosaurusLarge HerbivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
TyrannosaurusLarge CarnivoreIsla Tacaño Base Game
VelociraptorSmall CarnivoreIsla Muerta Base Game 

Hopefully, Frontier Developments continues to support Jurassic World Evolution with more dinosaurs and features in future updates.

In our review I wrote;

Jurassic World Evolution finally lets you build the dinosaur amusement park of your dreams. Ever since Jurassic Park was released, it’s been a dream for many to visit a real-life version.

Jurassic World Evolution is available now.

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