I have to admit it’s been quite some time since I’ve played a motocross game. It’s been fun to see how far the genre has come.

For all the hardcore fans, I’m sorry that I haven’t played all the previous titles. I won’t be able to do a detailed comparison for you. 

I will be able to tell you if it’s a game that’s worth playing though.

Before playing I had a quick look at what Milestone drove marketing wise. This was the best way for me to gauge the goals they intended to achieve with MXGP Pro. 

The one thing that stood out was the attention to detail and realism.

MXGP Pro Review

Having not played a game like this for some time there was a steep learning curve for me. There’s a certain level of concentration needed to play any kind of simulation game like this but after doing the tutorial I felt slightly more comfortable on my bike.

Once I was in a race with other AI riders it was apparent I wasn’t ready. Not even a little bit

The realism really starts to factor in a lot more. One of Milestone’s focuses was a more realistic rutting on the tracks. I could visibly see dark patches that represented the ruts but they didn’t seem to work like a rut should.

As the race progressed it did certainly make the turns more damaging. It’s less cutting than it is the track just gradually punishes small mistakes. I kind of enjoyed that in a way as it forces you to stick to the realism of motocross racing.

Stuck in a rut

Jumps are less forgiving than I thought they would be too. Hard casing a jump can end up in a costly stack. I couldn’t quite pin them down on a mechanical standpoint.

Sometimes I would case and be fine then the next lap I would case the exact same jump in the same way but then crash. Still, once again it drove me to be more cautious of such things.

I felt the most important key to the game was throttle control. As long as you concentrate on that the more everything falls into place. The realism in the game’s mechanics is very apparent when controlling the rider and bike.

The only thing that still had a slight arcade feel was the collisions. You kind of just slam into other riders with little consequence. On a positive note its usually pretty useful for that first turn.

Dirt Track Cowboys

The game modes and customisation are plentiful for hardcore players. Depending on the game mode you have plenty of character and bike customization to play with.

I really enjoyed career mode as it is a little more gradual and allows you to slowly get into the game. There are the standard game modes that provide varying commitments or challenges with Grand Prix, time attack and championship.

One feature I was unsure of was the rewind ability. If you stack or overshoot a corner you can hit the rewind button to take you back to before it happened.

I tried not to use this feature as I felt it took away from the realism. I was also worried I’d become reliant on it and later would struggle when it wasn’t available.

You can turn it off or simply not use it in the settings.

Slinging Mud

One thing I can say with certainty and confidence is MXGP Pro is a pretty game. I was rather impressed with the visual aspects.

There are some really cool blurring and environment visuals that make the game feel closer to the real thing. I thought the rider and bike movement was done really well too. When cornering or jumping, both rider and bike seem to move naturally.

For motocross fans, I would think this is very close to exactly what they would want out of a game. I would say the realism would scare most casual gamers away unless they enjoy a challenge. 

MXGP Pro will provide plenty of content for those interested. The game modes and customisation unlocks will keep you playing for a good amount of time.

MXGP Pro was reviewed on PS4 using a digital code provided by the publisher.

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