SAP and Team Liquid partner up to work together on improving performance

SAP and Team Liquid have announced a partnership today. SAP, a leader in enterprise application software, is now sponsoring Team Liquid, one of the best esports teams in the world.

The partnership will see SAP and Team Liquid working together to develop software used to analyse and based on in-game data. The data will be used to help Team Liquid scout new talent and improve team performance.

The collaboration between SAP and Team Liquid is SAP’s first foray into esports and will be based on the SAP HANA platform.

Team Liquid SAP Collaboration

In addition to the SAP HANA platform, the technology used to analyse data also includes the SAP Cloud Platform, the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and the Internet of Things.

SAP hopes by assisting Team Liquid through its technology, it can cement itself as a leader in the esports scene.  Stefan Ries, chief human resources officer, SAP said;

After deciding to become a sponsor in the field of esports, SAP took time to observe and analyze the market and its ecosystem before finally deciding to partner with Team Liquid – one of the most successful teams in the business.

For SAP, esports opens us up to a tech-savvy and highly skilled young audience and potential new talent for SAP. As a global, innovative and forward-looking technology company, SAP provides a high brand fit to the esports ecosystem.

Innovating esports

The sponsorship of Team Liquid by SAP is a great development as far as Team Liquid’s CEO Victor Goossens is concerned.

There is a strong demand for meaningful data and analytics software in esports. For Team Liquid, competitive performance is key – and smart technology and data give us the best possible tools to analyze and improve.

As a technology company at the cutting edge of innovation and with sponsorship experience across sports and entertainment, SAP is the perfect partner to collaborate with Team Liquid to create tools and solutions to fuel our competitive journey.

SAP and Team Liquid’s collaboration gives Team Liquid a competitive edge and should assist in providing meaningful improvements to the team, performance and scouting of new talent.

Lars Lamadé, head of sponsorships, Europe & Asia, SAP said of the sponsorship, “esports is a highly interesting field for SAP. With a team sponsorship, SAP will be able to activate its full potential by working closely together with Team Liquid to understand their needs and apply innovative technology solutions to address them.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how Team Liquid improves going forward.

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