SMITE’s new PVP Adventure is the Inner Demon Arena

Hi-Rez has announced the SMITE Inner Demon Arena. This brand new PVP Adventure sees players battle in the SMITE Inner Demon Arena and face-off against hordes of demons and Titans. 

The SMITE Inner Demon Arena ends in Sudden Death and only the best will survive.

SMITE Inner Demon Arena

Four serpent demons lurk in the water at the map’s edges, waiting to catch unsuspecting heroes off guard. Wander to close to the edge and you may be thrown to your doom.

Also introduced as part of the SMITE Inner Demon Arena is a brand-new type of cosmetic. The Death Mark spray triggers automatically when a player gets a kill. It stays on the map for a  minute to mar where a player was killed. 

The Death Mark can be equipped for all casual matches of SMITE, including SMITE Inner Demon ArenaThe Death Mark will remain in-game even after the event is over.

Marked by Death

The Inner Demon Arena isn’t the only thing being added as part of update 5.6. Players will also be able to get their hands on “Violet Sorceress Aphrodite in the 2018 gold vault, and Inner Demon Hel in the Adventure bundle.”

Included in patch 5.6 is the Inner Demon Arena which is as follows;

Hel’s Inner Demon Arena

The Arena Game Mode has a complete new environment with many new features!

New Hazards

Dangerous water pools on the map will kill players if they stay there too long.

New Objectives

3 Serpent Demons will spawn in the center of the map every 2 minutes.

Whichever team kills 2 of the 3 will get a Titan Juggernaut.

These juggernauts follow normal arena juggernaut rules, except they will attack nearby enemies when stopped.

Demon Jungle Buffs

All Jungle buffs will last 60s instead of 120s, but have more powerful effects.

Demon Red buff provides 20% Movement speed in addition to Power.

Demon Blue buff provides 10% Damage Mitigation in addition to Cooldown and Mana Regen.

Demon Purple Buff provides Haste effect in addition to Basic Attack Power and Attack Speed.

The Bonus Round Returns!

Slay your opponents in a 5v5 deathmatch after the game for extra points

Quality of Life

Respawn timers have been changed for this Arena.

Respawn times for a team is now consistent based on time/performance.

This avoids the chances of a team dying and having an unexpectedly long or short respawn timer.

Teams still respawn in waves set by the time of the first player to die.

Tickets Earned Feedback

An in-game visual has been added to help players see what actions they are doing that subtract tickets from the enemy team.

Portal Animations

Minions and Juggernauts now walk directly into the portal instead of animating in ways that can confuse players if they are hittable or not.

Inner Demon Bundle

Inner Demon Hel God Skin

Inner Demon Pedestal

Inner Demon Jump Stamp

Inner Demon Level-Up FX

Season 5 Gold Key

Bonus points earned from the Adventure

For everything included in patch 5.6 head to the official patch notes on SMITE’s website.

SMITE Inner Demon Arena is live now.

Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

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