Sydney’s Microsoft Store to host fortnightly Overwatch Tournaments

Microsoft has announced today that it will be hosting fortnightly Overwatch tournaments at its flagship store in Sydney. The first tournament will take place this weekend on December 3 from 1 PM AEDT.

After the second tournament on December 17, there will be a short gap with the third tournament taking place on January 7. Teams of six and solo players will be able to register to play with 4-6 teams taking part in each tournament. Solo players will be grouped with others where possible.

The tournaments will all be held on gaming laptops in store. Participants will be able to take advantage of some special offers on gaming devices and winning teams will be awarded “some great swag.”

To register for the tournaments head to the event page here. Microsoft said of the event, “The tournament aims to bring the Overwatch community together in an accessible, friendly environment where players can meet and have fun at the flagship Microsoft Store in Sydney.

“Whether you’ve been playing with friends online, you’re a budding eSports player or team or just interested in taking part, the Overwatch tournament is a great way to meet other gamers, connect with the community and most importantly have fun.”

Overwatch is available now.

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