Super Mario Odyssey Guide – How to beat Bowser

Super Mario Odyssey is out now. It’s an incredible game and it’s also huge. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back with a number of handy guides, tips and hints. In this guide, we’ll walk you through kicking Bowser’s spiky butt. This is how to beat Bowser.

Light spoilers follow.

How to Beat Bowser  

What’s a Mario game without Bowser? As usual, the King of the Koopas is up to no-good. This time he’s kidnapped Peach and wants to force her to marry him. Creepy.

You’ll do battle with Bowser twice during the story of Super Mario Odyssey. Once on the Cloud Kingdom and once on the Moon. Both fights follow the same patterns, though the second time around there are a few extra bits.

Bowser Fight – Phase 1

The first part of fighting Bowser is pretty easy. He’ll take off his top-hat and throw it at you. Just throw Cappy at it to stop it in its tracks. When you do, it will flip over and you’ll need to run over to it and jump inside.

Now you’ll be wearing Bowser’s top hat, complete with boxing gloves. When you put the hat on Bowser will either stand where he is or jump to another place on the outside of the arena. When he jumps, a ring of fire will spread outwards. Make sure you jump over it to avoid damage. After Bowser stops jumping if your chance to get him. Rush toward him and get ready to punch him with his own hat.

Whether he jumps and creates the rings of fire or not, the next step is the same. When he’s settled in place, he will start throwing chunks of rubble at you. Make sure you mash the Y or X buttons to keep punching as you move forward. So long as you’re punching, you shouldn’t get hit.

When you get to Bowser, mash the punch buttons until he’s knocked backwards into the spikes surrounding the arena.

Bowser Fight – Phase 2

After you’ve knocked him into the spikes, Bowser will jump back into the arena. He will take his hat off again, but this time he will also throw some fakes your way. Make sure you avoid the fake hats and use Cappy to knock the real one back.

Jump into the upturned hat and get ready to rush towards Bowser again. Make sure you keep punching to avoid the rubble he throws. When you reach him, keep pummelling him. This time instead of being knocked backwards, Bowser will block your punches. A glowing shield will appear for a second in front of Bowser and he will stop blocking.

This is when he will wind up his tail and swing in a 360 to try an knock you back. Be ready for it and jump over his tail. If you do, Bowser will be put off balance and fall onto his butt. When he does, mash that punch button until you knock him back into the spikes again.

In the first fight with Bowser, he doesn’t have any tricks beyond this. When you fight him a second time, things are a little more complicated.

Second Bowser Fight – Extra Steps

When you fight Bowser the second time he will block your punches the first time around. You’ll need to be ready to jump his tail that first time or you won’t knock him into the spikes. After you’ve knocked him back the first time, after he’s jumped and created the rings of fire he will throw flaming rubble at you.

Unlike the other rubble, you can’t punch the flaming stuff or it explodes and damages you. Instead, you simply need to avoid it until he starts throwing the regular rubble again. When he does, rush him and start punching.

Bowser also adds a new phase in the second battle after you’ve damaged him. After he’s been knocked back, he will jump into the centre of the arena and start breathing fire in a circle. The closer you are the narrower the flame, though it does move faster. I’d recommend being about halfway between Bowser and the edge of the arena so that you can jump his flames easily.

Finally, when you punch him and he blocks the second and third times, he will swing his tail multiple times. Make sure you’re ready to jump over it and wait until he falls off balance before going in for the kill.

PowerUp! has been incredibly fortunate to have received a copy of Super Mario Odyssey ahead of release. We’ve managed to play through and finish the game and have prepared a number of guides. Some of these guides are a work in progress as Super Mario Odyssey is enormous.

Please check back regularly to get all the latest updates to all our Super Mario Odyssey Guides.

Super Mario Odyssey was provided to PowerUp! by Nintendo.

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