Glenn Maxwell takes us behind the scenes of motion capture on Ashes Cricket

As part of the development on Ashes Cricket, Big Ant is using cutting-edge tech to make it as realistic as possible. Photogrammetry — taking photos of an object to render it in 3D — is one of these technologies and another is motion capture.

Using photogrammetry, Big Ant is taking hundreds of thousands of photos of each player using 35 DSLR cameras which are then stitched together using an algorithm. This gives the most realistic image of the players possible in-game.


Once they players look right, Big Ant needs them to move right too. To do so, it is using motion-capture and capturing Australian cricketers Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Emma Inglis and Mackinley Blows actions. In the video above, Glenn Maxwell gives us a cheeky look behind the scenes as he gets his motion capture session underway.

Special mention for his flawless impersonations of other cricketers.

Ashes Cricket will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November.

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