Steven Seagal goes Under Siege in World of Warships

Under Siege is so 1990’s it hurts. Starring Steven Seagal, Garey Busey and a scenery chewing Tommy Lee Jones, it’s a feast for the senses.

Set on board the battleship USS Missouri, Jone’s ex-CIA turned terrorist Strannix plans to steal the ships Tomohawk missiles and load them on-board the nuclear submarine he stole from North Korea. Luckily, although he has been relegated to peeling potatoes, Seagal’s character Ryback is actually an ex-Navy SEAL with extensive anti-terrorism training.

If you’ve never seen it, then do yourself a favour and go download it immediately.

What does a 1992 Steven Seagal film have to do with World of Warships? Other than the warships, almost nothing, but that hasn’t stopped Wargaming from adding him to World of Warships.

Seagal will play an in-game commander, but only if you’re able to reach Level 10 and reach 70,000 XP across Random, Ranked, Team or Co-op. Once you’ve accomplished that, Seagal will join your crew.

The event is live now and finished on December 14.

World of Warships is available now.


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