Did Rockstar just tease a new Red Dead title?

A tweet from Rockstar has seemingly indicated that we’ll soon have some concrete information on a sequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption.

The tweet was accompanied by a Rockstar Newswire post and an update to both its Facebook profile picture and cover photo and Twitter banner and avatar. The tweet did not include any information other than the single image seen above and below.

When compared with images from Red Dead Redemption, we found that the red colour of the image from the tweet is much lighter. The red colour from Red Dead Redemption is a deeper and dark red, while that of the tweet is brighter and more pink.

The style of the tweet is undeniably Red Dead though. The black and red motif is clearly associated with Rockstar’s wild west franchise. The stamp like design of the logo recalls that of 2010’s title, especially the achievement/trophy icons. Red Dead Redemption included an achievements for killing a Rockstar staff member in multiplayer and we’ve created an image showing the new logo alongside the achievement’s logo.


Clearly they are not the exact same design, but the similarities are obvious. In April this year, a post on NeoGAF reported to contain an image of the map of the new game world for a Red Dead sequel. TechRadar cited a source close to Rockstar in claiming the map was legitimate.


At this point nothing is certain, but it’s looking very likely that we’ll get some news on the long awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption soon. We’ll keep you up to date with news as we have it.

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