Miyamoto reveals how Donkey Kong came to him in the bath

Speaking with Wired, legendary video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that the original idea for Donkey Kong came to him while he was taking a bath.

According to Miyamoto, Nintendo of America was opposed to naming the characte Donkey Kong, but Miyamoto pointed to the dictionary which listed ‘donkey’ as a synonym for ‘idiot’ and he was keen to have players see Donkey Kong as stupid.

There was a water boiler that was used to make the hanafuda (traditional Japanese playing cards that Nintendo manufactures), and the water from this boiler was also used for a bathtub… at night when nobody was around, you could hang out there for a long time. It totally saved me. It was really effective at letting me put my ideas in order.

Looks like even the best of us have ‘shower thoughts.’


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