LG G2 OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV Review

The new LG G2 Gallery Edition is a stunning TV both inside and out with the very best tech in a package that belongs in art gallery

LG C1 65 OLED TV Review – Lucid dreams

The LG C1 65 OLED is an incredible TV for the person who wants the best picture and gaming performance for their living room. It has everything needed for high frames and cinematic experience.

LG OLED 48 CX Gaming TV Review — Simply the best

The LG OLED 48 CX is hands down the best gaming TV for PC gamers who want a single place for 4K 120Hz gaming, quality entertainment as well as desktop work.

Hisense is taking on OLED in 2020 with ULED XD TV’s

Hisense Australia has announced that their ULED XD TV's are coming to Aussie homes in 2020. The new TV's use a patented Dual Cell...

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