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Aftershock Explorer Open Loop Showcase PC — Beauty and a Beast

I’ve been wrestling on how to write this review for the Aftershock Explorer Open Loop gaming PC. Mainly because you will never get the...

Lenovo launches its sexy new Legion gaming PC’s in Australia

Lenovo has launched its new lineup of Legion Gaming PC's for 2020 with new processors, RTX graphics and Coldfront 2.0 thermal tech for improved performance.

Alienware Aurora R9 (Tech) Review — Living the dream

The Alienware Aurora R9 is everything I imagined a high-end gaming PC from Alienware would be. Powerful, fast and beautiful in that strange alien way.

MSI looks to Leonardo da Vinci for its new Creator 400 PC cases

MSI has announced the newest addition to its creator-focused line of hardware, the MSI Creator 400. The new line of desktop chassis are designed...

Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming PC Review – Mjolnir

I haven't owned a desktop computer in almost a decade as I generally prefer the versatility of a powerful laptop. So when Acer reached...

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