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Kristian has been playing video games since the age of three. He enjoys racing games more than any other genre, and wants to share the personal stories of those working behind the scenes on why gaming is so important to them.
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N8 Liz makes history as the first female FIFA E-League player

N8 Esports player Liz Varley, better known as ‘N8 Liz’, has become the first ever female player to sign for an E-League club. She will...

Mitsubishi returns to Forza, but two emotes disappear

Mitsubishi makes its long-anticipated return to the Forza franchise, with the latest update for Season 5 of Forza Horizon 4 coinciding with the launch of...

Dirt Rally 2.0 vehicles are a showcase of the the last 50 years

Some of the world’s most historic rally cars are returning to the track in Dirt Rally 2.0.In a trailer titled Rally Through the Ages, each...