Game On Cancer’s Superhero Streamers Charity Drive Kicks Off

For the third year in a row, Game on Cancer, Cure Cancer’s official gaming offshoot, is inviting all streamers to join in on the Superhero Streamers initiative to raise money in the fight against cancer. The fundraising push, which began on April 28th for National Superhero Day, sees streamers of all sorts come together and host charity streams, driving donations toward lifesaving cancer research.

To get involved, all streamers need to do is head over to Tiltify and register to be part of the initiative. After that, simply host a charity stream and get your audience involved. Content creators also have the chance to become a Game on Cancer MVP and earn exclusive merch to celebrate their efforts.

The Superhero Streamers push will run from April 28th through to Wednesday the 11th of May with the goal of raising $50,000 AUD. This isn’t the first massive push for fundraising from Game on Cancer with the organisation having raised over $410,000 AUD toward cancer treatment and research since its inception. This latest Superhero Streamer push has attracted Australian gaming icons such as Stephanie Bendixsen but Game on Cancer has a history of working with big Aussie talent like PandaTV, Loserfruit, Drewdog and Aussie Antics.

Cure Cancer has been in the fight against the deadly disease for 55 years now and is dedicated to raising funds for the most up-to-date treatments and preventions. If you want to learn more about the Game on Cancer push you can head over to its official Twitter page, join the conversation on Discord or make a donation right here.

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