How To Use Gear In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has arrived and we had a lot to say about it! The game is a unique experience that merges some very strange storytelling and surprisingly tight combat mechanics. In it, you’ll play as Jack and his Warriors of Light as they attempt to kill Chaos and save the realm from impending doom. To do so, you’ll be given a veritable bounty of gear to use and the sheer amount of it can be overwhelming at first. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, check out our guide to scrapping unnecessary gear and using the parts to make your build the best it can be below!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Gear Optimisation

Once you’ve completed the game’s tutorial and prologue missions you’ll get access the overworld map, at the top of which you can access the Cornelia submenu. Here you can use the Smithy, a barebones looking but useful gear organiser that you’ll need to get comfortable with pretty early on in the game. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin dumps loads of gear onto you from an early point, both weapons and armour. While it may seem overwhelming at first, these extra pieces can be smelted down into parts that strengthen your preferred pieces.

We’ll cover the Upgrade Special Effect menu in a bit but first, up you should head to the Dismantle menu option and learn about disassembly. Here is where you can break down extra equipment for parts, but the menu is a little confusing at first. The master list of gear on the left can be itemised using the Filter menu but you’ll likely be heading straight to the smelter for most of the items. The small orange letters next to each piece indicate if a piece is currently equipped, which will prevent you from manually selecting it for disassembling.

However, if you choose the Select All submenu option this will include your equipped gear. Be sure to Lock your pieces in the submenu before hitting dismantle after a select all sweep. This will keep them safe and ready for our next step.

Under the Upgrade Special Effect menu, you’ll find your next port of call, the Equipment Enhancement page. Here you’ll be using all of those dismantled weapons to strengthen your favourite gear’s special effects. Take your time here learning about what you can achieve by upgrading your gear and how it will impact your core skills and stats. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is overflowing with customisation options here and soon you’ll be optimising your Job and gear with ease.

If all of this doesn’t strike your fancy and you just want to get right to it, you can also get the best out of your equipment with a single button. On the Battle Settings tab, you can hit Optimise Equipment which will auto-equip the best possible gear for you and your crew.

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