Completing The Witch Queen on Legendary difficulty will give players a full set of gear at 1520 Power

The latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ includes a tonne of details about The Witch Queen as you’d expect with the release just around the corner. It references the ViDoc that dropped heaps of info earlier in the week as well as an interactive trailer that centres on Savathûn herself

The meat of TWAB for 10 February 2022 is all about Void 3.0, the changes to each Void subclass, the aspects and the adjectives which describe each revamped ability.

There’s a bunch of interesting stuff to digest and understand regarding Void 3.0 and it certainly points to a bright future once the other sub-classes are upgraded too. However, something else included in TWAB caught our eye and it has to do with the Legendary Campaign.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Legendary Difficulty

For The Witch Queen, Bungie has listened to its fans and created an extra challenge with the Legendary Campaign mode. Players opting to tackle this challenge will be rewarded with bonus drops, extra chests, XP, upgrade modules and Glimmer. That’s not all though, players will earn Throne World armour and unlocks at a much faster rate.

Essentially, players choosing to play Legendary Campaign mode are going to enjoy a much higher level of rewards and will get to the Power Level soft cap much faster. Again, that’s not all though, in TWAB the developer writes;

  • Completing ALL missions on Legendary will award players with the following: 
    • A new emblem exclusive to those who complete the campaign at Legendary difficulty. 
    • A Triumph required for the newest title for Throne World. 
    • A set of gear 20 above the soft cap at 1520 Power Level. 
    • Eight upgrade modules. 
    • New The Witch Queen Exotic armor that typically is reserved for PED Lost Sector drops. 
    • Exclusive Bungie Rewards, more on that in the future. 

On Twitter, a fan asked Campaign Lead Andrew what this means and he responded below.

So any Titan, Warlock and/or Hunter who completes every mission at Legendary difficulty is going to walk away with eight pieces of gear at 1520 which is 20 above the soft cap. This is pretty generous reward and one that’s potentially going to make the Power and Pinnacle chase a lot less grindy. When it comes to the difficulty of Legendary Campaign, Bungie states it’s “designed to be harder than a Legend Nightfall, though it is easier than a solo dungeon or running a Grandmaster Nightfall.

“Enemies are more difficult and more aggressive. They also have higher damage resistance, are more of a challenge to stagger, and shield are stronger to unmatched damage types. The challenge of Legendary also comes from switching up enemy interactions and infiltration, like swapping out an Elite for a boss or having an influx of more red bar foes.”

Thankfully, Bungie has anticipated players wanting to first experience the story before going back to attempt Legendary Campaign. To provide for this, Bungie’s “added nodes to replay any The Witch Queen campaign mission on Classic or Legendary any time – after you’ve beaten the mission once, of course.”

The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen launch on February 23, 2022.

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