Mario Strikers: Battle League Football head(er)s to Switch in June

Mario Strikers: Battle Football is a game for fans of the Gamecube’s Super Mario Strikers or the less successful Mario Strikers Charged. Mario Striker: Battle League Football is a 5v5 arcade soccer (football if you’re fancy) game in the vein of other Mario Sports titles.

Players can use items and special shots to score goals as well as equipping gear to improve characters’ stats. The ultimate ability in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is the Hyperstike which, if successful awards your team two points rather than one.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Locally, up to eight players (four per team) can play on one Switch console while online matches will introduce Online Clubs. Clubs can have up to 20 players each with their own rankings, uniform, Stadium, region and policy.

The visual style remains consistent with older entries in the franchise and includes the very cool, almost watercolour, scribbly aesthetic during some moments. Coming to Switch on June 10, 2022, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is available for pre-order and we have a tonne of screenshots for you to check out.

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