Dying Light 2 sees six times more players than Dying Light in its opening weekend

Despite some wobbly performance and technical hitches, Dying Light 2 has had an enormous opening weekend. Currently placed 23rd on Steam’s most-played games all-time peak list, Dying Light 2 saw 274,983 peak active players. These numbers give it six times as many peak players than the first Dying Light.

That’s not all. Techland has bragged that Dying Light 2 saw 2.5 times as many players than Resident Evil Village. Its peers on the 25 most played games list include Halo Infinite, Destiny 2 and Skyrim.

It wasn’t just people playing Dying Light 2 in its opening weekend that did big numbers though. Streaming figures and watch numbers have also been impressive following the launch.

During the launch week, more than 18 million hours of Dying Light 2 were watching across both YouTube and Twitch and at one point there were 512,000 people watching simultaneously.

Dying Light 2 garnered largely positive reviews and Techland has celebrated with an accolades trailer (above). Scores for Dying Light 2 average 79 – PC79 – Xbox Series X|S77 – PlayStation 5 on Metacritic and 77% Top Critic Average on OpenCritic. To celebrate the launch, Techland is running a competition to giveaway a custom PC.

Finally, Techland has released patch notes for some hotfixes which have recently been applied. You can check them out on Twitter.

Dying Light 2 is available now.

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