FFXIV Has A New Oceania Data Centre, Here’s How To Become A Materia Girl

After years of ping roulette on other global data centres, Aussie Final Fantasy XIV Online players finally have the chance to make a home for their Warriors of Light a little closer to, well, home. With the release of Patch 6.08, FFXIV has launched a shiny new data centre for the Oceania region named Materia, boasting several new worlds for players to either migrate to or create new characters on.

Existing players can even make the jump down under for free as of January 26th, with Square Enix looking to incentivise folks with some killer New World special bonuses to sweeten the deal. Along with the transfer fee being waved, players can also enjoy double EXP boosts up to level 80 for new and existing characters as well as Gold and Silver Chocobo Feathers which can be exchanged for special rewards in the game. The full list of bonuses, and the finer print, is available here.

To celebrate the latest expansion of FFXIV, a map of Australia and New Zealand has been lovingly rendered in the style of Hydaelyn’s map. The gorgeous work of art is brimming with details and you can nab a nice wallpaper sized one here.

The choice of worlds is entirely up to you, however, we’ve heard on the remodelled grapevine that Ravana has been overwhelmingly popular leading to congestion and Sophia has become the unofficial home of folks who enjoy roleplaying in the game. I’m off to Bismarck myself, having missed the Ravana boat but still looking for relatively popular worlds to find new mates to enjoy the game with. Below I’ve prepared a quick guide on how easy it is to jump over!

How To Transfer Home Worlds

So you’re ready to pack your things and head over to exciting new lands. Sweet! Before you sign the paperwork however there are a couple of housekeeping things to take care of.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is bid farewell to your current Free Company. In my Shadowbringers era, I was taken in by a lovely group of European players who I had to, unfortunately, part ways with to join the new worlds but such is life. After you’ve said your goodbyes be sure to officially leave the Free Company and begin to cut ties with your current Data Centre. This means items taken down from the market board, recalling your Chocobo and ensuring you’ve taken all items from the Calamity Salvager NPC. For homeowners, things are a little more complex and you should check out the official FFXIV site for full details on how to ensure the smoothest transition.

Once you’re done in-game, move to a non-instanced area and log out of the game. Now, head over to the Mog Station and navigate to the Home World Transfer option under Additional Services on the left-hand side of the screen. From here you’ll agree to some T&Cs, then choose your destination Home World and your current Home World before confirming below which character you wish to make the jump. Below are some handy screenshots to help you through.

A common error some folks are experiencing (myself included) is a red warning text that says the new Data Centre might be full or you need to access character creation on it before the transfer can work. If this happens to you just jump into the game and from the main menu select Materia as your data centre, load into the character selection screen then jump back out, log out and try this transfer again. Players have been reporting some wait periods for the transfers to take effect so keep an eye on your email for confirmation of when it’s safe to log back into the game.

And that should be that! Welcome to Materia and your new low latency gaming lifestyle. For more details on the new worlds and return of the game to sale after its massively successful Endwalker launch head over to the official site right here.

Keep an eye on PowerUp! for more FFXIV content in the coming weeks as we take a look at Endwalker and I talk about how playing all of the game’s expansions in six months made me into a mega-fan.

James Wood
James Wood
James literally cannot recall a time in which video games weren’t a part of his life. A childhood hobby turned adult fascination, gaming has been one of the few constants.

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