Details revealed for NBA 2K22 MyTEAM updates

Overnight, 2K and Visual Concepts released new details on the all-new updates coming to MyTEAM in NBA 2K22. Headlining these updates are a new multiplayer draft mode, Triple Threat Online: The 100 and Pick-up and Skill Challenges; replacing Weekly and Moment challenges.

Jonathan Smith, Producer at Visual Concepts gives a detailed breakdown of the changes in his Courtside report stating, “In a nutshell, there are many different foundational changes in MyTEAM this year that I personally cannot wait for you to experience.

“Card collectors, online competitors, casual NBA fans, everyone has a place in MyTEAM and we are just a few short days away from getting this amazing mode into your hands.”


MyTEAM Draft is the new multiplayer mode where players choose a full lineup of cards from seven packs. Players will choose their 13 players and coach from these packs, drawing two players from each of the position packs, however, one Featured Pack is where the magic happens.

According to Smith, “This is where the latest releases in MyTEAM will show up for you to draft and compete with. Unlike the other packs, this Featured Pack will only contain three cards which are added to your drafted lineup. You can likely count on these players being the best players in your lineup to lead your drafted team to victory.” Each Friday, the Featured Pack will be updated with the latest player cards alongside the positional packs also receiving an update.

Every Draft will net you a guaranteed League Pack and at least a single pick on a Draft-exclusive Ascension; full of prizes to add to your permanent collection! For every win you get in your drafted lineup’s limited run, you will earn additional Ascension picks. With the high-stakes of a Draft run, you can expect some great rewards in this Ascension, including an exclusive Grand Prize Player each Season

NBA 2K players should be familiar with Triple Threat, but the new mode — The 100 — looks to add a new wrinkle to it. When playing The 100, players are given 100 points. At the conclusion of each game, win or lose, the number of points scored against you will be deducted from your total. Once you hit 0, it’s game over.

There is a tonne of other changes, updates and addition to NBA 2K22‘s MyTEAM mode so for all the details, check out the Courtside Report and watch the video above.

NBA 2K22 launches on September 10, 2021.

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