Magic: The Gathering Reveals 2022 Lineup

Magic: The Gathering, the massively successful trading card game/entertainment empire from Wizards of the Coast is set to have a mammoth 2022. Over the next year, players can look forward to a variety of cross-overs, new media and countless cool new cards to collect. An impressive slate of announcements came out of the game’s Annual Showcase this week and whether you’re a longtime fan or looking for something new from the classic game, Magic: The Gathering has you covered.

In total there are four new sets coming to Magic: The Gathering by the end of 2022. Q1 sees a return to Kamigawa in the Japanese inspired set, Neon Dynasty. Players may be familiar with the setting first featured back in 2005 but now, some sixteen years later, the setting has been amped up with cyberpunk elements. Q2 takes us to The Streets of New Capenna, a brand new setting for the game that will reportedly feature “a world of grit and glamour that mixes angels, demons, and Magic”. In it, you’ll take control of one of five criminal families locked in a power struggle for the city.

For Q3 the game will cast a long look back to 1992 where it all began with Dominaria United. The set sees players return to the homeland of sorts, a homecoming thirty-odd years in the making. Finally, The Brother’s War will drop in Q4 and looks to make some pretty big changes to the overarching narrative of the game through new perspectives and multiverse madness.

Speaking of multiverses, Magic: The Gathering is also expanding its reach with a new Netflix animated series set to debut in late 2022. To coincide with the series release there will also be a brand new novel from acclaimed fantasy author Django Wexler. On top of these new media offshoots, the game will also host crossovers with Fortnite and Street Fighter, as well as two juggernaut fantasy tie-ins, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer 40,000.

The crossovers fall under the exciting Universes Beyond banner, a means through which Magic: The Gathering players will be able to engage with properties outside of the game through its mechanics. These new announcements come off the back of another beloved crossover earlier this year which saw Dungeons & Dragons come to the game in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

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