Adventures In The Forgotten Realms Blends Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons

In a move sure to delight fans of both iconic fantasy franchises, Magic: The Gathering has launched its first official partnership with Dungeons & Dragons. Adventures In The Forgotten Realms is the latest collection from Wizards of the Coast and is set to land in stores on July 23rd. However, MTG Arena players have early access to the new set, which you can sign up for and play for free here.

Adventures In The Forgotten Realms comes with over 260 cards in the set, each imbued with deep cuts from the rich lore of Dungeons & Dragons. The overarching narrative sees players arrive in the region of Faerûn which promises to be filled with locations to plunder and a cast of charming characters inspired by well-known Dungeons & Dragons icons. Adventures In The Forgotten Realms is ambitiously trying to meld several key elements of the classic table-top roleplaying game, including spells and mechanics, with MTG’s ongoing ruleset to create something unique.

It’s an exciting prospect, two giants of the fantasy genre joining forces to bring about a new kind of experience for both fanbases, of which there is doubtless crossover. This is realised in a few ways, for instance, the new set of cards will feature flavour text to make encounters feel more fleshed out. You’ll also be prompted to roll a D20 on occasion to determine certain outcomes, an organic combination of card and dice games not seen since that one weird Yu-Gi-Oh episode.

There are a bunch of other fun surprises in store for players, especially the new Dungeon cards that offer up self-contained instances for players to traverse. The set draws heavily upon recognisable art styles from classic Dungeons & Dragons books but there are of course limited cards that feature unique styles to find and collect.

Adventures In The Forgotten Realms is available in your standard Set, Draft and Collector Boosters, each containing a selection of rare or mythic cards, art cards and tokens. Commander decks featuring the latest cards will be available from July 23rd. You can jump onto your phone right now and check out MTG Arena after it came to mobile platforms earlier this year.

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