Borderlands 3’s Multiverse Final Form cosmetics give each Vault Hunter a brand-new model

Having been teased earlier this month, the new looks for the four Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters have been revealed. Each character has been reimagined as they may appear in a different universe had they never become a Vault Hunter. These aren’t simple skins, they’re completely new character models.

Gearbox promises that these new cosmetics can be :mixed and matched with other Bodies and Heads as desired and can also be paired with all existing skins.”

The Multiverse Final Form cosmetics pack is included in Season Pass 2 and the Next-Level Edition of Borderlands 3. Players who own the Super Deluxe Edition or Season Pass 1 will also get the Multiverse Final Form pack free of charge.

Borderlands 3 Multiverse Final Form

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These cosmetics are radical departures from the character models you’re used to seeing in Borderlands 3 and give a glimpse into a life for each of the Vault Hunters that never was/always was. It’s a great way for Gearbox to expand the lore of Borderlands 3 without breaking anything that’s already been established.

The Multiverse Final Form cosmetics and Arms Race mode are included in the Designer’s Pack which is part of Season Pass 2 and launches on November 10.

Borderlands 3 is available now.

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