Borderlands 3’s Arms Race is a roguelike, race against the clock for loot and survival

Alongside the announcement of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition and the reveal of the Multiverse Final Forms cosmetics, 2K and Gearbox lifted the lid on new mode; Arms Race. Described as a “roguelike experience that’s fast-paced, challenging, and consistently remixed by randomized elements,” Arms Race is set to challenge players like never before.

In-game, Arms Race appears as a reality show hosted by Vault Hunters Axton and Salvador and set at the Stormblind Complex. This new, secret zone is a decommissioned DAHL facility located on a frozen island in a previously unseen part of Pandora.

Players will enter Arms Race without any gear, passive abilities or Action Skills and will need to race against the clock to earn loot and stay alive.

Borderlands 3 Arms Race

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Featuring a nod to the Battle Royale genre, in Arms Race, players need to survive and make it to an extraction point before being killed by an approaching storm. The longer players survive in Arms Race, the better gear they’ll find with the best of the best reserved for those who can beat the final boss; Heavyweight Harker.

While playing co-op in Arms Race, players can be revived and resurrected at designated spawn points. However, if you go down solo and can’t be revived, it’s game over and all your loot is lost.

For a look at Arms Race’s gameplay, head here.

Arms Race is included in the Designer’s Cut which is part of Season Pass 2 and launches on November 10. Designer’s Cut also includes the new set of skill trees for each of the four Vault Hunters.

Borderlands 3 is available now.

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