Warframe Podcast Episode 117 – Home Devstream #7

It’s been a few weeks since the last Devstream, and – perhaps more importantly – there are only 11 weeks left in 2020! On one hand… thank whatever deity it is that you believe in, but on the other… well, there’s not much time left in the year, and we don’t quite know what’s going on within this game that we love so dearly.

Well, DE has come to the rescue with Home Devstream #7. While we still don’t know if we should expect any large drops before the end of the year, we do know there are several things coming to the game over the next few weeks, and that’s fantastic. So join the Cephalons as we pull apart everything that was presented during the stream.


  • News: DE raising money for Cancer study, Warframe Community nominated as best gaming community, new updates for all platforms, Daughter’s Costume Party Contest, Nezha Prime Access incoming, Deimos expansion on its way, new Warframe “Lavos” shown off, MR30 discussed
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #7
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of longer discussion

Warframe Podcast

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