Valorant Act 3 adds New Agent, Map, Battlepass and more

Valorant is about to get some brand-new content when Act 3 launches on October 13. Valorant Act 3 includes a brand-new Battlepass, a new Agent, a new map and new Skinline. These new additions give Valorant players something new to explore as well as an Agent to master.

Riot says the Battlepass is the best way to customise your Valorant experience. Like previous Battlepasses, Act 3’s will include a free and premium track. Players will be able to unlock gun skins and skin variants, gun buddies, player cards, player titles and Radianite points.

The new map — Icebox — is coming to Valorant ahead of schedule. Originally, Riot planned to release a new map every episode but fan feedback pushed up the release. Now, with Act 3, Icebox is launching in beta ahead of schedule.

Valorant Act 3

Valorant Act 3 is also introducing Skye, the Australian Agent. Skye is quite a different Agent when compared to the existing ones and uses her beast companians and trinkets to attack enemies and heal teammates. Skye is coming to Valorant a little later than Icebox and the Battlepass and will launch on October 27.

Finally, Signularity is the new Skinline being introduced in Valorant Act 3. Singularity is “High-tech, Mysterious, Powerful, Abstract” and can be used with Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares and Melee. Singularity has seven levels for players to unlock, each providing a new look for player weapons.

Valorant Act 3 launches on October 13 and the Battlepass, Singularity Skinline and Icebox map will also be available then. Skye will launch on October 27.

Valorant is free-to-play on PC.

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