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Esports, short for Electronic sports refers to competition between two or more parties using electronic means such as but not limited to video games. Of course, there has been this never-ending debate as to whether it should be classified as an actual sport.

If anyone would read the history of esports and how it took the world by storm in the early 2000s they may argue that maybe popularity is the reason behind its inclusion, as more and more people have joined the market and live streams have garnered millions of viewers worldwide.

Companies like Betway have emerged with platforms such as Betway E-sports and are making waves. Here are some reasons why it has been conceived to be an actual sporting event:


For a regular set of gamers who meet online to play a multiplayer game like Call of Duty, there is usually no uniformity, players dress as they choose, after all it’s a combat shooter, this wouldn’t exist for a team competing in an esport tournament. For a team of esports gamers they are often seen wearing team jerseys with sponsorship from companies especially at competitions.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch a live stream then you may doubt this but the level of skill sometimes possessed by these guys is pretty amazing. Now you may wonder in comparison to you may be just an average gamer that would take some time to reach and then brings me to my next point.

Practice and level of competition

These guys, being professionals train and spend hours in preparation for competitions that are sometimes hosted by gaming giants like Microsoft’s Xbox, EA, FIFA, Nintendo and so on.

Financial aspect

This is the most important because it’s like doing what you love and getting paid for it. Investing in esports would be very advantageous especially when one has a long term policy in mind. According to statistics, the esport market has so much potential that its audience grows by 20 percent yearly and its revenue is 50 percent more than the movie industry also yearly. As someone who has an interest in investing in esports then Unikrn would be the best bet.


You may not have heard of it before but Unikrn is a very unique betting site that offers gamers and bettors an opportunity to invest in Esports and follow the thrill. We will consider Unikrn and how you can benefit from E-sports.

  • The U-mode
    • What’s the first thing that comes to mind? You, exactly. In the U-mode, one has the opportunity of playing a game by betting on himself. Who else to trust with your money than yourself, right? Unikrn has this very distinct feature that you can be part of a match and bet some money based on what your abilities are, or better still on the professionals while being part of the game.
  • Financial benefits
    • For me, this is the main reason I would classify Esports as a sport because of the possibility of gaining monetary dividends when participating in them or just betting on them. At Unikrn you can invest money be it on E-sports or actual sports for monetary benefits.
  • Healthy sustainable market
    • It’s very important and wise to assess risks before venturing on business as these days people fall for Ponzi scams and non-sustaining ventures. Sometimes the business seems legit but with dwindling numbers, it’s sure to hit the ground. Therefore, in the E-sports market looking at statistics and how it grows one can be sure that the numbers would keep increasing. Unikrn can boast of having one of the best services when it comes to Esports with a wide range of options for selection so the question as to sustainability has been satisfactorily answered.
  • One who invested in E-sports wouldn’t really be affected by the current surge of Covid-19. There was even an increase in the number of people who joined the market and given that it’s online it eliminates the human to human interaction and the lockdown imposed by countries.  Looking at the ugly after-effect of the COVID 19 virus which includes job losses, E-sports participation and investments have saved a lot of individuals.
  • Working with convenience
    • For people who invest in E-sports, for some it’s only part-time but for others, it’s a full-time job and all that is required would be a strong network connection and a good idea of what you are doing and you are good to go.
  • Bonuses and promotions
    • Unikrn offers its customers bonuses and different types of promotional offers from time to time
  • Wide range of options
    • Unikrn doesn’t just go past offering you popular matches or the most sought after matches. In its Esports section, it can boast of over 25 available options which include League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, Heroes of Storm, CSGO and many others.
  • Use of cryptocurrency
    • Unikrn has been known to evolve with the market, the trends and everything that involves gaming and betting. The option of cryptocurrency as a means of the wager is also a plus as it gives a lot of options and guarantees convenience to customers.

So if for some reason you choose to venture into the world of E-sports as a participant or as an investor be sure to check out unikrn review to know about the best investment opportunities.

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